Start a CPU-intensive task on your computer. Terms in this set (8) CU. Processor cores are individual processing units within the computer’s central processing unit (CPU). Why You Can’t Just Compare Clock Speeds. It is a difficult thing to say about the fastest clock speed. Test. A PC’s clock speed is an indicator of its performance and how rapidly a CPU can process data (move individual bits). The clock cycle is the time between the two electrical pulses of an oscillator. Fetches the code, Decodes and understands, and then Executes the commands. Definition. Because clock speed is depended on many things including cooling process, motherboard etcetera. Alternatively referred to as clock rate and processor speed, clock speed is the speed that the microprocessor executes each instruction or each vibration of the clock.The CPU requires a fixed number of clock ticks, or cycles, to execute each instruction.. Arithmetic and Logic Unit. Learn. Vendors including AMD, Intel are manufacturing CPU having a clock speed of above 8 GHz. STUDY. The processor is often regarded as the brain of the computer, so ensuring its working properly is very important to the longevity and functionality of your computer. Control Unit. Zafira_Shah. Computer processor speed would be one of them. B. a processing cycle. The most expensive and fastest memory in the computer is ROM. For example, a CPU with a clock rate of 1.8 GHz can perform 1,800,000,000 clock cycles per second. So, you should know what makes a good processor speed. Fetch and Execute Cycle. CPU. Write. A CPU’s clock speed rate is a measure of how many clock cycles a CPU can perform per second. Definition. The processor core receives instructions from a single computing task, working with the clock speed to quickly process this information and temporarily store it in the Random Access Memory (RAM). D. access time. d: Term. Created by. Usually, the processor cores and clock speed may make a good speed for processor. Clock speed The clock speed - also known as clock rate - indicates how fast the CPU … ALU. Clock Speed. Gravity. The base clock is a multiple of the system's low-level clock and the CPU multiplier (which may be manually tweakable; more about that in a moment) and is the default speed at which the chip cores run. It is the basic unit of measuring how fast an instruction can be executed by a CPU and helps in determining the speed of a CPU. Match. CPU clock speed, or clock rate, is measured in Hertz — generally in gigahertz, or GHz. Fastest CPU Clock Speed. A quick way to get your CPU maxed-out is to run the Prime95 program. The clock speed of a CPU is the number of cycles or instructions it can perform per second. The time it takes a device to locate data and instructions and make them available to the CPU is known as: A. clock speed. Again, overclocking of a CPU can give higher clock speed. CPU cores have to communicate with each other through channels and this uses up some of the extra speed. Flashcards. Your processor will automatically slow down when it isn't being used, so the speeds you see in CPU-Z will not show the full speed unless your processor is working hard. PLAY. Uses electrical signals to execute instructions stored in programs. The higher the frequency of the CPU's clock, the more logical operations it can perform per second. Spell. C. CPU speed.