Find out more and if MediaWiki is right for you. Trusted Digital Repositories for Time-Based Media Art, April 2013. Because of the few formalized education programs in time-based media, most conservators of time-based media art make their way there through a professional path. A novel published in two parts. There is a growing need to understand digital processes of duplication as well. After the invention of a method for sending messages back in time, the history of the future becomes common knowledge, and every person knows their own fate. A 20th-century Polish engineer is transported back to 13th century Poland, ten years before the Mongol invasion. It is the world's oldest national broadcaster, and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, employing over 22,000 staff in total, of whom more than 16,000 are in public sector broadcasting. A father and daughter meet travelers are from the future, who intend to witness an impending catastrophe. Erica Strange begins seeing a counselor to deal with regrets in her life, only to discover the counselor (Michael Riley) has the ability to send her back in time to actually change these events. A pastiche wherein a future Tarzan (using the name John Gribardsun) orchestrates time-travel research allowing him to travel to 12,000 BC. A woman from the 1940s time travels through, A crime scene investigator who has gained the power to move at superhuman speeds becomes a superhero crime-fighter. Time travel, love and betrayal in 1920s England. Based on the books by, Humans and aliens from different periods in time start to come to Earth by means of a rift in the space/time continuum. Five cowboys of the 1880s are sent to 1986 by a lightning strike. A physicist who invents a time machine must travel back to the past to uncover the truth about his creation and the woman who is trying to steal it. In search of his father, a time machine mechanic travels through time accompanied by TAMMY and his ontologically valid dog, Ed, all while documenting his travels in a manual for future travellers. Three friends attempt to navigate a time-travel conundrum in the middle of a British pub. He is transported to 1817 where he meets Doctor Frankenstein and his monster, as well as. The human race is on the edge of annihilation after decades of war with an alien force. Prevention is the best measure of protection against loss. Follows Captain Dylan Hunt after he travels 300 years into the future as the result of, Various species from the 30th century are having a "Temporal Cold War" that is interfering with life in the 22nd century, which affects the lives of the crew of the. A family are trapped in an alternate universe inhabited by dinosaurs, a primate-type people called. Five college boys in a sci-fi club break their air-conditioner's remote control. Some artists merge visual art with performing arts in their own work in fascinating ways. Gwendolyn Shepherd can travel in time with a machine called a chronograph. The Time Enforcement Commission (TEC) is created to prevent alterations to the past. This list describes novels and short stories in which time travel is central to the plot or the premise of the work. In some cases, and exhibition copy will be obtained as well, in other cases it will be copied by the museum. A shop selling futuristic weapons appears in June 1947. Unfreezing and freezing of time using a small mechanism. Individuals who have reached the end of their lives in one timeline are given three days to travel into their past and convince their younger selves to make a different choice at a pivotal point in their lives. Captain (Colter Stevens) died in a helicopter crash and has been inserted in a computer program (Source Code) which transfers him to the body of a deceased person for the last eight minutes of his life. What Is "Time-Based Media? An 11th-century wizard accidentally travels to 1969 England. When Earth is threatened with extinction in 2149, specially-selected humans travel back 85 million years in hopes of preventing the later disaster. A member of a league of time travelers, called Voyagers, and a boy travel through time repairing errors in world history. A 21st-century corporation intends to use a Time Tube to exploit the natural resources of the past, but is outfoxed by a 16th-century Scottish clan. Collection of short stories, including two about a man's attempt to save his failing marriage by travelling back to the time he first met his wife. In a demonstration, a scientist turns on the experimental time tunnel, where he finds himself on board the. A woman is sent back in time, via hypnosis, to the Middle Ages where she may be executed by the people of that time on suspicion of being a witch. A, Four police officers travel from the year 3000 to the year 2001 to arrest time fugitives. Norman Winters puts himself into suspended animation for 5,000 years at a time. Apocalyptic disasters happen and the characters travel back and forth in an attempt to prevent them. A man inherits his uncle's mansion that has a computer that can function as a time machine, although they are slow to realize it. Vivian Smith is a girl who is kidnapped while being evacuated from London during World War II. Collecting, Exhibiting, & Preserving Time-Based Media Art, September 2011. a born-digital work) or has been digitized will have the need to be preserved digitally. The most common behaviors assigned to time-based media art are interactive, encoded, and networked. Young Lewis is taken to the year 2037 by his future son, Wilbur, to stop a "Bowler Hat Guy" who has stolen Lewis' memory-scanning machine.