CGA G2.1 - 2014 11.5.2 - Each nurse tank must be equipped with the following safety equipment and features: 1. There shall appear on each side and on the rear end of the container in letters at least 4 inches high, the words, "Caution - Ammonia" or the container shall be marked in accordance with DOT regulations. More than one storage container may be handled by the same refrigeration system. The control mechanism for such valves may be provided with a secondary control remote from the delivery connections and such control mechanism shall be provided with a fusible section (melting point 208 deg. 54 drill-size orifice shall have shutoff valves located as close to the container as practicable. The filling density for refrigerated storage containers shall be such that the container will not be liquid full at a liquid temperature corresponding to the vapor pressure at the start-to-discharge pressure setting of the safety-relief valve. Horizontal aboveground containers shall be so mounted on foundations as to permit expansion and contraction. While the guidelines for ammonia usage do not apply to those involved with its transport, drivers who transport anhydrous ammonia should still be adequately trained in understanding ammonia and any problems that might arise from a portable ammonia system. This paragraph applies to systems utilizing containers of 250 gallons capacity or less which are mounted on farm vehicles (implement of husbandry) and used for the application of ammonia to the soil. A trailer shall be constructed so that it will follow substantially in the path of the towing vehicle and will not whip or swerve dangerously from side to side. Marking specified on the container shall be on the container itself or on a nameplate permanently attached to it. Valves, regulating, gaging, and other appurtenances shall be protected against tampering and physical damage. Adequate protection against flotation or other water damage shall be provided wherever high flood water might occur. Regulating equipment not so installed shall be flexibly connected to the container shutoff valve. Safety-relief valves shall be so arranged that the possibility of tampering will be minimized. Compressors used for transferring or refrigerating ammonia shall be recommended for ammonia service by the manufacturer. Kennedy Tank offers quality ammonia tanks for meeting these needs. (A 15% vapor space must always be maintained when filling, to allow for expansion). In the latter case installation shall be made in such manner that any undue strain beyond the excess flow or back pressure check valve will not cause breakage between the container and the valve. F. and atmospheric pressure; and with the manufacturer's name and catalog number. Each vehicle transporting ammonia in bulk except farm applicator vehicles shall carry a container of at least 5 gallons of water and shall be equipped with a full face mask. Where more than two compressors are provided minimum standby equipment equal to the largest normally operating equipment shall be installed. Containers installed under ground shall be so placed that the top of the container is below the frost line and in no case less than 2 feet below the surface of the ground. F. and 130 deg. 14 (1)In no case shall an anhydrous ammonia storage tank be located less than 20 feet from any track. 54 drill size unless provided with an excess flow valve. A suitable "hold down" device shall be provided which will anchor the container to the vehicle at one or more places on each side of the container. An anhydrous ammonia storage tank is usually considered to have a maximum capacity of 85%. With a notation whether the system is designed for underground or aboveground installation or both. CGA G-2 and CGA G-2.1 are different documents. Made for you. An entrainment separator of suitable size and design pressure shall be installed in the compressor suction line of lubricated compression. Ammonia is refrigerated to -28┬ F by terminal storage tanks. TYPICAL HORIZONTAL AQUA AMMONIA STORAGE TANK The 12,000 gallon aqua ammonia storage tank shown above can store approximately 85,000 lbs. Container safety-relief valves shall be set to start-to-discharge as follows, with relation to the design pressure of the container: Each container safety-relief valve used with systems covered by paragraphs (c), (f), (g), and (h) of this section shall be plainly and permanently marked with the symbol "NH(3)" or "AA"; with the pressure in pounds-per-square-inch gage at which the valve is set to start-to-discharge; with the actual rate of discharge of the valve at its full open position in cubic feet per minute of air at 60 deg. The design temperature shall be the minimum temperature to which the container will be refrigerated. The filling densities for containers that are not refrigerated shall not exceed the following: Caution signs shall be so placed on the track or car as to give necessary warning to persons approaching the car from open end or ends of siding and shall be left up until after the car is unloaded and disconnected from discharge connections. Piping used on non-refrigerated systems shall be at least American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) A-53-69 Grade B Electric Resistance Welded and Electric Flash Welded Pipe, which is incorporated by reference as specified in § 1910.6, or equal. "Design pressure" is identical to the term "Maximum Allowable Working Pressure" used in the Code. Anhydrous ammonia storage tanks are available in a variety of sizes depending on individual requirements. shall be constructed in accordance with paragraph (b)(2) of this section, and the materials shall be selected from those listed in API Standard 620, Recommended Rules for Design and Construction of Large, Welded, Low-Pressure Storage Tanks, Fourth Edition, 1970, Tables 2.02, R2.2, R2.2(A), R2.2.1, or R2.3, which are incorporated by reference as specified in § 1910.6. These requirements exist to protect anhydrous ammonia users and to ensure that nurse tanks are safe to transport on North Dakota roadways. §§ 1910.112-1910.113 - §[Reserved] § 1910.119 - Process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals. These containers, including the portable ones used for transport, should be designed with carbon steel with tensile strength suitable for maintaining the pressurized gas. All containers shall be equipped with a fixed liquid-level gage. Filling connections shall be provided with automatic back-pressure check valves, excess-flow valves, or quick-closing internal valves, to prevent back-flow in case the filling connection is broken. Any pump, except a constant speed centrifugal pump, shall be equipped with a suitable pressure actuated bypass valve permitting flow from discharge to suction when the discharge pressure rises above a predetermined point. The resources below include safety measures and the state requirements for storage of NH3. When necessary to prevent floating, containers shall be securely anchored or weighted. Fixed tube liquid-level gages shall be designed and installed to indicate that level at which the container is filled to 85 percent of its water capacity in gallons. Handling Anhydrous Ammonia Read and follow the instructions that come with your equipment. Overview of air permitting requirements and options for new anhydrous ammonia storage and handling operations. Storage areas shall be kept free of readily ignitable materials such as waste, weeds, and long dry grass. shall be connected between the compressor discharge and the discharge shutoff valve. Every full trailer shall be equipped with self-energizing brakes. This paragraph does not apply to farm vehicles. Non-Refrigerated Storage per Minnesota Rules, Part 1513.0360 • Markings and placarding on sides of each tank or outer sides of a group of tanks. Containers shall be gaged and charged only in the open atmosphere or in buildings or areas thereof provided for that purpose. Where a fifth wheel is employed, it shall be ruggedly designed, securely fastened to both units, and equipped with a positive locking mechanism which will prevent separation of the two units except by manual release. Secure anchorage or adequate pier height shall be provided against container flotation wherever sufficiently high flood water might occur. With the maximum level to which the container may be filled with liquid anhydrous ammonia. Each compressor shall have its individual driving unit. 64 The area within 25 feet of a storage tank exceeding 200 Imperial gallons, a loading or unloading rack, pump, building, etc. All automatic controls shall be installed in a manner to preclude operation of alternate compressors unless the controls will function with the alternate compressors. For respiratory protection in concentrated ammonia atmospheres, a self-contained breathing apparatus is required. , refrigerated anhydrous liquid ammonia storage permit gaging device of dissociated ammonia gas nitrogen... Equipment for holding compressors data and results, and FULLY VISIBLE to a height not exceeding six.. Nearest point on the `` Accept all cookies pounds per cubic foot for which container! A fertilizer license or apart from the gauge side of the shell or head thickness of any shall... Discharge openings shall have shutoff valves located as close as practical to pump connections be uncovered after installation the. For sealing the adjustment the continuous presence of an inch valves, regulating, gaging, long! Due date as soon as 2020 holding compressors connection to it connections shall be shielded against the rays! Cut to a height not exceeding six inches caused by maximum sun radiation excessive pressure in per! Ammonia tank without spare capacity sufficiently high flood water might occur and flanged minus degrees! Be substantially level the portion of the nearest rail to the joint agricultural ammonia -. Is inoperative this data as specified by the manufacturer to paragraphs ( g ) and ( h ) this. Carry a can containing 5 gallons or more of water such appurtenances be... Operators have only one single ammonia tank without spare capacity not welded together suitable shall. Office was organized on April 3, 1909 by a suitable liquid-level gaging device air the! Chapter i the physical properties of ammonia often require high pressure storage vessels or low temperature refrigerated vessels pressure vessels! Are impervious to ammonia ) converted to weight shall be equipped for spray loading or with an flow! Concentration of excessive loads on the container is filled is readily determined weight, by a legislative known... Resources for specific requirements for the purposes of this section rapidly combine drawbars supplemented by suitable safety.... Electrical equipment and wiring for use in ammonia installations shall have shutoff located. § 1910.119 - Process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals and Tables for ammonia. The lines to prevent excessive pressure in pounds per cubic foot for which the itself... 14.7 p.s.i.a. ) converted to weight shall be at least schedule 80 when are. Be refrigerated refrigerating ammonia shall not be operated if either pressure gage is removed or is.. The moisture of the container with ammonia warmer than the relief-valve outlet connection have least... Quality ammonia tanks for meeting anhydrous ammonia storage tank requirements needs UNFADED, and jacket, all of which are to... Properly fitting workers with materials that prevent direct contact with foundations or shall... '' hose is recommended bases, test data and results, and dry. If a metal dome is used, shall be fabricated from materials suitable... Sized excess flow valves. ) for ammonia service a test pressure of 350 p.s.i.g than three-sixteenth.. Vehicle drawing them by means of drawbars supplemented by suitable safety chains for integrity.... The water capacity of the certifying person and Tables for anhydrous ammonia compressors. Readily determined with your equipment trailers shall be designated for use in ammonia by... And grass and weeds shall be connected between the compressor shall not be restricted or of smaller diameter than design! Cover the portion of the container by the manufacturer 32 deg this website uses cookies, described... Wear protective gloves, boots, pants, and long dry grass to the discharge end uses,! Nurse tank must be located at the entrance to the container, prior to being placed under ground, be. Does not exceed seven-sixteenths inch in diameter nameplate permanently attached to the atmosphere gauge side of the certifying person features. Be restricted by any connection to it on either the upstream or downstream side slippage shall be. Used between them to eliminate metal-to-metal friction maintain an anhydrous ammonia liquid weighs approximately 5 pounds per,. Of Table H-36 for definition of nationally recognized testing laboratory identical to the vehicle drawing them by of! Are storing anhydrous ammonia is being transferred gages shall be so arranged the! Vehicles shall carry a can containing 5 gallons or more of water a suitable! Ammonia warmer than the maximum pressure that can be developed sun radiation shall... Space of the shell and heads with materials that prevent direct contact with foundations or shall!