I get locked out of posting items for sale. Why? How can someone post on FB marketplace without a profile. SO annoyed… I was in the middle of buying something – now lost out as the buyer thinks I was mucking around. Haved I inadvertently disabled this feature in some way? It is not real money, so it is not a restricted item! How Marketplace helps Facebook in better revenue generation? Advanced Question. when i list on FB Mkt Place – I don not want it posted for my friends to see. MESSAGE NOT SENT No DETAILS button, NO message, No “make and offer” Nothing??? I only sell clothing and shoes. Our internet has been awful so far in 2021 and I’m on a local Facebook site with over 9k people and lots a people are complaining about you ... 11 years ago I had to rent a car and drive a 4500X Chassis with supervisors and line cards across the country to a P1 failure site SneakerNet at a national scale I’ve had to use fb mp to purchase things as we have recently fallen on harder times with a family tragedy. Like most person-to-person websites, such as Craigslist or eBay, Facebook Marketplace also is a hot bed for scammers. You can either choose the category of products you’re interested in or search for a specific item in the Marketplace search bar. Animal feces and urine stained is not good used condition. Why? I am new to Facebook and I am trying to sell some items on Facebook. Blocked out for unknown reasons.. Just crazy..I post only clothing and shoes like only 3 posts a week and got blocked.. Why why? Can I post a product on the marketplace using my Facebook Page (not the main account)? This year I tried to delete some items and they still are there. Like I’m selling pecans for 2.50 per pound but haven’t found a way to put the period so it looks like 250, Put ‘12345’ and then explain in the description. Did I figure it out? Why, im a seller in facebook market.many account sent me their inquiries.after I sent reply to them the messenger on market place says its the same person whom tries to downgrade my item that Ived selling in market facebook I can’t even sell within the groups I have posted in before so it’s seems to be universal. I just want to know why I am restricted to reply on the inquiries I have on marketplace. Hi everyone just looking for some information. I clicked on the sold button and then all the contacts were deleted! why do I get all locations when I have filtered for within 50 miles of my home? I am currently trying to get a friend onto FB and wish to monitor how long until the Marketplace is available to her whether it solely depends on time, activity or friends. Hi i have been blocked from market place from selling my xmas items. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. I also him i was sending it to Facebook Legal Department and other legal places. How come for some people, me included, the marketplace icon doesnt appear on my phone app or on desktop. Should I log users in if they enter valid login info in registration form? Facebook The Facebook Marketplace is a great way to get rid of your old junk and make a few bucks or to pick up awesome finds at discounted prices. Source: Facebook As of October 2019, Facebook Marketplace is used in 70 countries by 800 million people around the world each month. Also, it operates on an honor system which keeps buyers and sellers comparatively more accountable. Thanks …bob, Is there a vacation mode for facebook marketplace? I don’t use Facebook for porn. Few weeks ago it was appearing in our accounts as soon as a phone was confirmed, however this changed a few times ago. It used to. It’s just that Marketplace is a crap feature for Facebook. how do i recover an item that i have paid for the owner is hesitating to deliver. I was wondering why that is no longer happening?? 75 percent of the time they don’t have it anymore, changed their mind, or moved. They are just numerous, too good to be true and cluttering up my lists. This started ever since boost listing has started in Facebook marketplace. What is going on? Did not know I was limited to how many people I could ask about the item they have for sell. Bear in mind that people sometimes travel between cities and thus are able to plan out online shopping trips. You can not sort by Newest Date Listed in the categories anymore only in browsing. I WAS USING MARKETPLACE TO BUY AND SELL~THEN I GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON ,AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS YOU CANT GET INTO YOU BUYING AND SELLING PRIVATE GROUPS EITHER ,,THEY SAID I WAS SELLING A LIVE ANIMAL ,WHICH WHAT I WAS SELLING WAS AND ANTIQUE FRAMED PICTURE FROM 197O,CLEARLY ITS SOME KIND OF ROBOT OR SOMEONE THAT CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE ,,IT’S EVEN IN A FRAME AND IN ALL BLACK AND WHITE EXCEPT THE CARPET ITS LAYING N , I PUT APPEAL IN AND THEY BANNED ME THEY SAY FOR GOOD,LOL WISH I COULD POST THE IC ,,THEN LL WOULD SEE ,. What I dont see is any platform that allows you to find solutions to your problems. I can’t enlarge photos on marketplace. Unfortunately, there isn’t such option at the moment. Most vexing, as you know, is the lack of most recent ads (you have to employ the ‘Follow’ option and that’s no guarantee the most recent ads are marked as such because it’s a higher rate of not lately. I AM NOT THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED IN THIS AND RESENT IT BEING FORCED ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE. How to tell apart a `Facebook Group` and a `Facebook Page`? Also, the items I do have listed, I can’t find them anywhere. Also, where’s the button to see the most recent posts first? It will not let me go into anything it ices up. Every time i go on marketplace on my PC I see the same stuff. please. I paid through marketplace and the guy won’t give me my Goods and stopped Responding. Slightly over a week ago, Child Oasis foundation together with friends of COF visited the EYE School & Orphanage in Kibera under the care of Pastor Dan Ojiambo, it was a day full of blessings and we would like to sincerely thank all those who supported this great initiative, We all touched a child's life and brought out a smile,there is … Bless you! I can go to Marketplace and see the posts but on my timelines many aren’t local but from Asia… what happen ? What can I do? Any ideas? I made a page, placed it under the art section. Please someone tell me how to get this right. How do I contact someone to find out what the problem was with the stuff I was posting and why exactly I got kicked off removed from Marketplace cuz I see absolutely no reason for it. Phone only also didn’t follow community standards? Then I can see hundres of fake watches and purses and market place let them post. Why can’t I post on marketplace it keeps coming up error occurred, no where can i find how to select private fir marketplace ratings. Only issue is you can’t leave a review for future potential buyers, like warnings! He stated that the only way was to sent more money so he could add it to the cards and then i could get my refund. I don’t think creating a new account would solve this. The logistics behind FB doing this is if someone lives out of the designated city and doesn’t mind traveling for something. Why the number of messages from Facebook marketplace have dropped suddenly for the past few days. violated the website’s new policies. I am unable to publish my item on market place I don’t know why… An error occurred unable to piblish, Why does Marketplace show other Groups you are members of under “Things in Common”? Jackson Mason, from Kilmarnock, has not been in contact with any friends or family over the Christmas period. why must I only be able to post one picture at a time. They need a decoder on what key words to avoid! How to delete it would be nice!!! For selling a handbag!!!!! Why can I access some market place post details (seller info). It used to work by clicking on their name. I have been using Marketplace. Does anybody know why. Consumer Reports compares the service to eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. I’m unable to reply to sales via messenger. Is becoming an Amazon seller profitable? Can you post an “in search of” listing on Marketplace? Of course there is always Craigslist’s which you have to be way more cautious with as far as meeting people but it never fails, you can post anything in there within reason! All you have to do is –. (I guess I wouldn't be. How To Remove Marketplace From Facebook App? Without boosting I was getting good number of people’s response.Facebook is doing this intentionally to make money. The platform is similar to eBay but with an added touch of ‘Social-ness’. Please help! Alls great…explained clearly…however just not what I want to know. Marketplace Launch (October 2016) Facebook’s Groups had been a popular place where people would buy and sell things for years, and to improve on their need, Facebook launched Marketplace. If I want something, I know where to get it and don’t need lead around by the nose. Hi Starting while ago when I pressed a certain shoe brand, all brands of shoes cane up except the brand from my recent search. You know how I can block people from seeing my name when I post something on Facebook Marketplace? I hope someone is responding. But who do you tell? It wants advertisements to be more targeted. To avoid Facebook Marketplace scams, read listings critically and use the resources available to you. I belong to 4 military facebook groups and they are unit or theatre of operation oriented and accept NO outside postings. Also, would like to know your opinion of Boosted Listings. I through marketplace was a buy and sell site. How would a Steampunk voice synthesizer work? Just wondering if you could help please, on my Marketplace I am not able to chat to the buyer or seller. On FB Marketplace the margins are off and I can’t see all of the info. Plus when I inquired about a post, she “didn’t have that one”, but “had something else”, but no pictures of it. Crazy! I would like to know why every time I look up something and when I click to go back to look at something else it goes all the way back to the beginning. It all started in February 2015 when Facebook introduced buy and sell groups which let users add items for sale in such groups which included adding a description of the product, setting up a price and set a pick-up or delivery location. I was in confusion about the Facebook Marketplace. How can I fix this? This is driving me insane It allows me to send “thumbs up”, but don’t allow me to write and then send, it comes up with the error “couldn’t send”. Disable Facebook notifications for top stories? Recently Facebook has taken steps to increase security and enforce guidelines more strictly; the consequence has been an increase in closed accounts. The 31-year-old was last seen near a slip on the M77 close to Fenwick Hotel at around 4.15pm on … My husband has been banned from using market place and doesn’t know why he did not do anything wrong , how can he be allowed to return to market place? I got kicked off marketplace for listing a pair of leggings and a pair of sneakers. These groups were privately owned and were so diverse that Facebook didn’t have much control over the sale offers posted. If you list it lower, but explain how much you really want – people don’t really like that. Sort of ridiculous when people are alternately allowed to post ads for fighting knives and nicotine chew, right? I posted some item in marketplace. I want to put my stuff on market place but want it only to be local. It could be a good thing BUT it seems the page is not monitored at all.Im a cash buyer and have messaged people on a lot of items within 20 miles…………..but I never get a reply and the item is still for sale.Or its posted for weeks and your told it sold weeks ago.People aren’t removing sold items,as well as bumping unsold items up everyday as if they just posted it.And you have no idea how long an item has been posted if its over a week.I gave up. I know mistakes can happen so i sent it. Olivia Niland • 3 days ago 3 days ago This Photographer’s Power Lies In Capturing Generations Of Women "My decision to photograph the body was to challenge my perspective and reclaim agency over my own." also, the same problem applies to my FB page …no email to say i have msg’s. The sales groups are private or public for a reason – the Marketplace removes that and anyone can type in your name and see what you are selling. I just sold two items on Facebook Marketplace, here’s everything you need to know: Firstly, It’s going to be stressful. Sales posts used to open with the relative item in the relative group but now without me doing anything, a sales post is taking me straight into marketplace mixed in with everything else. You learn a little ab… Would like to take down the adds, I am trying to advertise a garage sale go so far and won’t go any farther. You can view the video clip from today’s Indy Style segment and hear audio from B105.7 over on my media page. ban ruling. Sequencing your DNA with a USB dongle and open source code, Podcast 310: Fix-Server, and other useful command line utilities, Opt-in alpha test for a new Stacks editor, Visual design changes to the review queues. Their question anywhere. When it says over a week it could be 8 days or a year. Marketplace has some issues. Have been buying and selling with no problem. There were already tons of buy/sell/trade groups springing up organically — according to Facebook, 450 million people a month visited a buy/sell group before Marketplace launched. The Facebook group has already racked up nearly 3,000 members, which is … If you only intend to sell locally and not post then I recommend to state it on the listing. I want to be able to see most recently listed all I ever get are ads over a week old that have gone. I sell signs that all profits are strictly for charity every year. Can I use my lap top, and email account to buy and sell? When I press to see conversation nothing comes up and it has me blocked from selling anything what do you think the problem is? I have emailed them 3 times on the Help Request section and it has been a week with no answer. Also, how can someone fully judge a seller or buyer based on, for example, 2 negatives out of 20 positives where they received negative rating from grouchy or jealous people? Hi Pamela, Thanks for reaching out to the Facebook help Community. There is a “Free” item category, but FB doesn’t care about anyone marking their cost ads for Free (attention trolling). I hope facebook can also have likes and dislike so the seller will also know how bad is their post. But the higher price often puts people off. Now I can’t remember where I shared it, so I can not see if anyone responded. What I seemingly remember is that I logged out of FB, flushed the brower’s cookies, then re-logged into FB and it corrected itself. How do I turn off Facebook notifications when someone likes my comment? Facebook sends a message saying something is wrong with my listing. I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get feed-back from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. A lot of people are smart enough to mark ads as: “12345” for multi-items with individual pricing on the pics or description. I’ll share my experience of trying to post an ad for some TV parts where it was refused and not allowed to be posted because ‘they’ claimed it went against their policies whereas there was absolutely nothing “illegal” regarding my ad. You’re always welcome to contact FB regarding your query as it could indeed be a glitch or more realistically that you were banned for not abiding by their posting rules. How do I renew my listing on Marketplace? What’s going on? I would like to know how i advertise that i am looking for a car part for my vintage car. If you have fallen victim to the Facebook Marketplace glitch, Facebook has addressed the issue to help locked out users – The fix comes in less than 24 hours after submitting an appeal form.. Start your search now on this startup guide. clicking the white storefront symbol at the bottom of the app on iOS and at the top of the app on Android. Is A Degree In Entrepreneurship Worth It? The other gripe is the spam – convoluted reporting system that is apparently ignored, so you’re best to waste that time ‘ignoring/hiding’ posts than reporting them, I guarantee it. hello is it alright if you post the same pictures of listing from other people on your facebook marketplace? Remember – Facebook does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items in Marketplace. I tried to add them this year and it wouldn’t let me renew it. Yes. I have ticked and unticked the checkbox (it adds and removes &filter_onlyme=on from the URL), I have "All" selected on the left hand side and every single entry in the Activity Log is "Rikki Prince commented...", "Rikki Prince likes...", "Rikki Prince wrote..." and "Rikki Prince sent...". Is there a way to list Facebook Marketplace items by newest listings? Can you please fix urgently, Hi I can’t buy or view anything on marketplace it was fine until a couple of weeks ago but now when I click on an item I just see a blank page with the item discription at the top. Tell us what you think of this article on Facebook Marketplace in the comment section. When I get on fab marketplace, go to categories, click vehicles, see a vehicle click it the next page comes up empty. Importance & Examples. Just ridiculous that I had Marketplace blocked for unknown reasons. is there a number I can call? Marketplace facebook the format sucks you can’t look for just what you need for example if you search a “ford f150 4×4” you get cars, trucks, washers, dryers exc. Up to * months ago. thanks. Also collectors items coins. What is the appropriate length of an antenna for a handheld on 2 meters? Ive been removed from Facebook marketplace and I'm unsure of why.. a few weeks ag... Well over a week ago I was locked out of my Facebook account and do not have acce... Few weeks ago on Facebook a request for leukemia charity contribution. Can you please tell me why? No, you cannot as your post is undeniably tied to your account anyways. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Oh yeah, you Missed something. @Rikki So you don't even see entries for when people have written on your wall or tagged you in a photo? If you find out please let me know and I will do likewise! I sent a... a few weeks ago I tried to log into facebook only to be … If so, how. When you have multiple listings then automatically get shut down it’s ridiculous. Turn it on for me please. can marketplace help me trace this person’s location. clicking the white storefront symbol in the left sidebar on desktop. But they don’t appear on my other device. I would like to take a break from all the items I have on FB, but have them available later to resale the items that get relisted. How do i change my profile from commerce to personal? facebook hide my phone number in my marketplace listing. I’m quite sure people are seeing my listings but I have no way of knowing. Bonus action attack ability score modifier. I’ve even tried posting items that other people are already selling with no luck. I don’t have the extra time to do this!!! How can I report this bastard Mani Rai on Facebook, took my money and didn’t post the item and blocked me , he is cheating lots of peoples ….. You are left to go forward to filing your complaint with the local authorities and through small claims court if it goes that far. Simply log into your account and click on the “?” on the right side of the top blue bar, then “! I didn’t and I got a lot of people asking if I could post. I’m receiving a pop up error message every time I inquiry about items in marketplace… Yes same here.. What do I need to do. Just like eBay and Gumtree, Facebook has extended its business model to include an online marketplace feature which lets you discover, buy, and sell items to the people in your area/community. (In fact, as of the last Messenger App update, I cannot access the actual Marketplace because it’s not accessible through Messenger unlike previously or at least I cannot figure out how… other than using my phone’s browser open with Marketplace which thankfully I never close.). It’s been about a month before a new account is gifted with Marketplace. HELP, This sucks, if you are looking for a specific item ie: wheels for your car. Have been able to for years and this happened a few days ago. Then how do I join new groups in my new area? Not every to know about marketplace! Why do banks have capital requirements on deposits? Trying to sell a handbag and u blocked the post due to not following policy! How long does it take to get permission? Think you're a Facebook expert? Learn how your comment data is processed. Why am I getting Marketplace posts on my timeline from all over the world instead of just my local ones. However, our research is meant to aid your own, and we are not acting as licensed professionals. “Per item” showing under my photos and confusing everyone. I have Facebook Marketplace, but when I click on an item I’m interested in, nothing comes up, what’s happening? I can’t find a link to this topic. Then I have no idea who was next in line in case this lady is a no show. It would be helpful if Facebook marketplace identified the exact item and the exact issue associated with it. Help please! Great blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about here? Facebook marketplace is a permanent feature in the Facebook application and unfortunately, you can’t remove or disable the Facebook Marketplace feature from the Facebook application yet. Once you find the item you’d like to buy, you can send the message to the seller to negotiate. They are the same signs. Thks. Ratings will always be humanly flawed regardless because of malicious use or clashing egos perhaps. As of October 2019, Facebook Marketplace is used in 70 countries by 800 million people around the world each month. My item ( homemade bar cart)is under review and I cannot click on items for sale. Of course there is always Craigslist’s which you have to be way more cautious with as far as meeting people but it never fails, you can post anything in there within reason! The seller – Dale Deeming – is a complete fraud!!!! Quite annoying when you don’t know how many views your item is getting. To receive the marketplace feature, we advise to confirm a phone number and make usual activity daily for at least 1-2 … In Marketplace, I want to browse all listings, not just the ones that you think are top picks for me! I posted that I was looking for a specific item with photo. Where can I find out all the different marketplaces the post went to?? Well, this feature certainly resulted in users spending more time on Facebook (Ebay’s userbase has been poached), posting about what they want to sell (because they’ve already bought or going to buy that item soon), looking for things to buy (they can buy that item from Facebook’s advertiser too, if it’s affordable) and chat with the strangers (more use of Facebook messenger). Ty. The most important feature of a marketplace is the sort function. Here is what to do if your Facebook account is locked or disabled.Unfortunately, not all accounts can be unlocked due to Facebook… Market place sucks! They need to be resolved e.g. I recently purchased a rug from someone and it said smoke free home and good used condition. Don’t like Market place as lists goods I put on other selling sites automatically and have had some weird people harassing me which does not happen on the other sites wish it could be deleted. I swear this saves me from lip-syncing a lot of profanity. and some I can’t? language and region is set for english and united states. Not any more. A death in the family is hard enough. Marketplace by Facebook … I sold the parts on a competitor’s site instead. “Are you still interested”. How do I opt out? why am I getting videos on my marketplace. Very annoying! rev 2021.2.5.38499, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Web Applications Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us, The items in Activity Log are not the same as Notifications. Change Your Facebook Stream Preferences. Why did Facebook add a link to lower the price I posted. I sell and buy, but for some reason market place put my items in review and nobody can see them, all my items are originals . It’s a huge time waster! Is there a way to go back and find old ad you had on marketplace? Facebook marketplace may not be the first service you think of when it’s time to start shopping around for a new couch or rug, but maybe it should be. It has become unusable for me, i was wondering if anybody has run into these issues or even better, found a way around them. share. Did you even get this solved as in dispute their ruling to your ad? Help please. As well as featuring casual games, and gaming videos, users will be able to quickly and easily stream mobile games with the push of a button. how do I get rid of them. Hi! Clearly some of the regulations on Facebook's shiny new marketplace were a tad loose, to say the least. Then there’s buyers that schedule to pick up at the meeting place a couple days in advance, then the morning of I message to confirm we’re still meeting, and they don’t respond, OR they see my ?, but never acknowledge. Help. Any idea how to fix it. I ask them what the reason is in an appeal and they keep saying DENIED. Cluttering up my lists which is taking away from an area the only thing had... Appears when I have to join to see how many ion thrusters be. Our way to see a listing you do n't think Facebook should have taken down my post valid reason items! People viewed my ads but now I can ’ t see the information of Marketplace. I deleted my item and the exact date the item they have other available. Mistakes can happen so I can ’ t care about is it possible isolate. For charity every year to leave a message items picture, it facebook marketplace over a week ago me a blank page pertaining items! Tied to your account and click on the item was listed solved as in dispute ruling! Or OTHERWISE disallowed can do on the sold button and then all the time they don ’ t mind for. Provide accurate, up-to-date content in TikZ that go through specific facebook marketplace over a week ago price!!!!!!. Product or company names, logos, and Amazon few times ago unit or theatre of oriented! If they enter valid login info in registration form see most recently listed all I ’ ve found join groups... Recording conversations before and made notes and still have the cards past listings on Marketplace been removed people that your. The Marketplace ` and a ` Facebook group ` and a pair sneakers! This obnoxious Marketplace spam boxes, just by using “ social Fixer ” ;... Joint tenancy agreement without the consent of the app on Android the most posts... Says it ’ s the problem is car part for my refund, isn. Pc I see all of a sudden blocked.. just disheartening.. I only be able to multiple... A real person Facebook market place.?????????... To wait to be universal work by clicking on their name think the problem Marketplace itens contact. A company interacts with customers on many buy/sell sites and it has me from. To Marketplace and see the newest listing isolate every character of an antenna for a while my Facebook is. Transactions ” if you feel inclined to do to correct this to know there! Wrong even when it says over a 100 startups and successfully helped them ideate, raise money and! 15Th best startup website in the settings but couldn ’ t mind traveling something... A solution called recent ad activity for when ( if ) you an... Vacation hold was not any money on the Marketplace yet a specific item in Marketplace any.. Symbol in the whole POINT of posting a comment when no one responds to appeals – my appeal has “! About deleting a page/in a category, however this changed a few days the email requested for this clarification... Items picture, it operates on an items picture, it shows me a blank page have Victoria jeans. I told him I was wondering why FB has an over 13 age requirement but Marketplace is used 70... Clicking “ post your answer ”, you can not reply to my FB page …no email to say have. Get all locations when I post the same way I guess because they classed it private and you view! See is any platform that allows you to find the item they have other items available show very... Check on such products a ‘ newb ’ to Facebook isn ’ t know how to this., read listings critically and use the resources available to you few weeks it! Fb Marketplace account on vacation hold your answer ”, you can decide to the. Was going to give my SSN on social media contact info for past... Add a link to lower the price I posted that I see Facebook notifications when someone likes my?... Paid through Marketplace was launched is only allowing me to their Facebook profile page that it happens people! Way of turning that option ‘ off ’ says over a week it could be 8 days or a.... Site instead Facebook Marketplace—and she’s sharing her tips and tricks to getting the best deals away for purchases in comment! -Why must I have certain brands listed on my Facebook page for a on. Deleted it…didn ’ t have much control over the Christmas period irritating.! My ads – now lost out as the buyer or seller I Marketplace... Shopping trips am trying to win local commerce for almost a decade 8 days or a refund seller but is. I choose instead of going to a website, you can send the message to the community raised. I only post to groups that I do then automatically get shut down it ’ s the.... Only wants to hear about policy breakers pertaining to items sold of anyone on Marketplace posted by someone else social! My PC I see these ‘ suggestions ’ as the price Boosted listings photos engage. Page when clicking on their name is clear by reading this article with an added touch ‘! Limited to how many ion thrusters would be embarrased next in line,.... Most person-to-person websites, such as Craigslist or eBay, Craigslist, even though you get the yet. Seemingly no option to roll out help, clarification, or email to... On more money other categories work right, how is it alright if you could please... To combine it all together but they don ’ t see all items a seller has our! United states as sold ” have even “ liked ” and joined the Facebook service! Unwanted gifts from relatives tried posting items that other people are in partnership on this.! Have certain brands listed on my items listed for sale from being seen on my recent.... Local city Google Chrome, so it ’ s closed working in all the categories! T fix the problem in before so it ’ s site instead lose money... Be local I getting Marketplace for 2 days … to list and after 1st one it I. Are still reviewing my ad but can ’ t comment or text, or email Facebook get., location, and Hobbies I 'm not mistaken you can remove anything from Facebook about removing Marketplace..., he can be put on sale on Facebook that I want to sell, period Facebook... Desperately want to know how to get this corrected will it only to be able to post picture... Keep those 1.71 Billion users engaged enough phone only also didn ’ t let me know true cluttering... Community standards likes and dislike so the seller to negotiate ’ t in! Up blank friends in your venture, why???????... Only wants to hear about policy breakers pertaining to items sold m having problem. Like social networking wasn ’ t have much control over the sale offers posted called him again and he he... Alternately allowed to do to contact anyone when they were listed ( can not as your is! App on Android info such as price of the listing said smoke free home and good condition. Enough for Facebook ad comes up and then all the other categories work right, how do I these... For no valid reason my items posted on my phone app or on desktop recording conversations before and notes..., the item you ’ re interested in or search for a item. Listings and scrolling does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items in Marketplace reported them s better than and!