and my cats are showing all the same symptoms as the numerous I didn’t see where fancy feast is in this article. Find the purrfect food for your cat. Most of the meat ingredients are vaguely-named. Corn is difficult to digest and pales in comparison to animal protein., Buy 9 Lives from Petco - Sign up for Repeat Delivery at! $8.57 each ($1.56/oz) Add to list. Unfortunately we cannot afford to have an IV fluid for him. Ingredient splitting is a common tactic used to create the illusion of a higher meat concentration. I strongly recommend that NO ONE buy this brand EVER. I won’t be getting any more of the 9 lives canned food, no matter how much of a fixed income I am on. Its reputation for excellence and popularity among veterinarians have earned it a premium price tag, but Hill’s food is little better than the average grocery store brand. 9Lives cat food started production in 1959, and today it remains one of the bestselling cat food brands in the United States. Here is a website that can give you a bigger scope into the different things to look for when choosing a cat food. In December 2018, some 9Lives cat food was recalled because of potentially low levels of thiamine, an essential vitamin (B1) for cats. After chicken by-product meal, we return to the plant theme with soybean meal, which is often used as a high-protein animal feed. Hello, human. It can create inflammation in the body, leading to a variety of serious complications including fetal toxicity, ulcerative colitis, immune suppression, and yes – cancer. Vomitville every time! My mom started buying 9lives at Sam’s Club over the river because of the inexpensive price. At least it's wet food... that's about the only good thing I can say about either food. However, if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to your veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist for advice as to whether commercial cat food, in any … Cat food manufacturers are required to prove these nutritional contents to the FDA through a series of testing. Be the first to write a review! It’s the great taste cats … It is poor quality. Yes, this line of cat food has had at least 2 recalls in the past few years. These plant ingredients are also protein-rich to varying degrees, giving us a distorted picture of the total biological availability of the protein content. No cat food was affected. While going thru that site I found this site. Today, it’s the second largest pet food company in the world. They both got fed 1/4 of a can every morning. Yes! If your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula. Some varieties of the dry and wet food contain healthy ingredients for a balanced cat diet, while others seem to miss the mark. The worst cat food brands earn thousands of complaints. 13 oz Cans Available. To earn this label, the recipe includes “natural meaty, chicken and turkey flavors”, which are made from hydrolyzed animal tissue. 9 Lives Cat Food gets an average review for its mixed bag of varieties. Since switching over my young cat is pucking less often and the diarrhea is slowly getting better and not quite so yellow for both of them. The Shocking Truth About Commercial Dog Food Why would anyone want to feed food to their animals that they themselves find repulsive? $8.88 $ 8. Your email address will not be published. As a matter of fact (I must rewind and amend above comments) before Jasmine came here I bought Trevor a Name brand I wish I could remember what it was but he kept throwing up and I had to take him to the vet and the vet said the food was too rich so I went back to store brand. Instead of issuing a recall and being frank about what happened, unscrupulous brands attempt to cover up the problem. Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? 9Lives is the name of a brand of cat food, owned by Big Heart Pet Brands (a former division of Del Monte) and introduced to the market by tuna processor StarKist Foods in 1959. Little Friskies was the first dry food made specifically for cats. It also has a few flavors in their dry cat food products. Browse Products. 9Lives Pate Favorites Cat Food Variety Pack, 12 ct. $4.35 each ($0.07/oz) Add to list. Whole ground corn, poultry by-product meal, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, whole wheat, meat & bone meal, animal fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), salmon, chicken, beef, animal digest, salt, phosphoric acid, choline chloride, titanium dioxide, potassium chloride, vitamins (vitamin E supplement, niacin supplement, d-calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin supplement, vitamin A supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, menadione sodium bisulfite complex, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin D3 supplement), taurine, minerals (ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite), red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, potassium sorbate (used as a preservative), BHA (used as a preservative), blue 1, rosemary extract. But this sense of nausea is misplaced and directed by a fundamental misunderstanding of feline nutrition. Today, this enduring icon remains “pawsitively dedicated” to helping all cats live the good life. Cats thrive on animal protein because it is highly metabolizable and nourishing. He became very ill (life and death ill) and over a week after the symptoms started he still can’t walk and has no bladder control. 11 Best Cat Foods in 2021 – [Expert Reviewed & Rated], Vet Recommended Cat Food : 4 Brands You Should Carefully Consider, Popular Cat Names – The Top 100 Most Popular Cat Names in 2021. 4.8 out of 5 stars 360. trying to save a few dollars is costing us BIG TIME. A web search will give you the consumer pulse in moments. 9 Lives is COMPLETE garbage. Other high-carbohydrate plant ingredients prominently positioned on this ingredient list are ground whole wheat, brewers rice, and soy flour. What is Human Grade Cat Food…and Which Brands are Best? Pea Protein, Soybean Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, and Other Types of Plant Protein, A History of Recalls, Coverups, and Scandal. The food has old-faded colors, however it says expiration date is 2015. Cat Food – 9lives Daily Essentials 1.43kg. Fancy Feast canned is still a decent cat food. Our delicious formula helps support heart health, clear vision, strong muscles, and healthy skin … Please check back soon for 9Lives cat food coupons! Your cat food shouldnt have colors in the first place. I finally decided to talk myself into “someone took her”. Learning to intelligently read labels puts you ahead of the vast majority of the cat food consumer population. food until my second cat started showing the same symptoms and I spoke I see reviews of people not wanting to feed TOTW so I’m curious if you feel it’s a good cat food or not so good… For this reason, cat food should be at least 30% protein. I am going back to Iams..also developed dirrehea and vomiting,, NOT GOOD CAT FOOD !!!! 45 years I used 9 Lives Cat Food, not no more. Signs that you’re dealing with an unethical cat food company: Some cat food brands are plagued with problems. so then… what the frick, are we doomed to have to pay an arm and a leg? The company is well-established and one of the biggest pet food brands worldwide, but its popularity has been accompanied by numerous recalls and a history of scandal. Below is a list of cat food brands recommended for kidney disease. Just one month later, Iams issued a third recall, again due to concerns about salmonella contamination. We did not realize it was the Again I am not stupid I really thought at first it was from her biting him. Whole Ground Corn may provide some beneficial nutrients to cats, but is not biologically appropriate. Ive searched and searched and cannot find anything other then possibly bacteria ?? Stick with Friskies if you absolutley must. Both developed a yellow diarrhea, and my youngstet cat began pucking like five times a day. Smucker Company. Urinary tract issues are all too common among cats. Others have been implicated in crime. 9 Lives Cat Food is owned by Big Heart Pet Brands, a subsidiary of the J.M. We are a company of pet lovers and there is nothing more important to us than the quality and safety of our products. Some facilities have done poorly in FDA inspections. :(So, in summery of the ingredients… if you see the words by-products, Animal Digest, the word “meat” alone, Corn, Corn Gluten, Wheat Gluten, or BHA or BHT… stop reading, put down that product and move on to the next. Shop Now. The food is manufactured in nineteen company-owned plants in the United States and Canada. What salt is used? them to the vet, they would both have died. Paté Favorites Variety Pack. Check out my posts on 12 Greek Cat Names, 11 Egyptian Cat Names, 12 Best Cat Food Names, 12 Bang On Irish Cat Names and the 16 Best Disney Cat Names The Science of it All – Olfactory Sense Our feline roommates rely heavily on scent for communication, and this type of physical contact stimulates their pheromone glands. They may source them from poorly-regulated countries or other undesirable sources. Named by-products appear on the ingredient list as chicken by-products, turkey by-products, pork by-products, chicken by-product meal, and so on. Cats require 22 amino acids to stay healthy and can synthesize only 11 of them. In this sense, numerous customer complaints aren’t always indicative of a bad company. While most foods use natural flavor additives, this one uses artificial flavors. We take all comments seriously and investigate any report. First 5 Ingredients: Poultry By-Product Meal (Source of Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate), Ground Yellow Corn, Ground Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Soybean Meal. Probably tomorrow I will be pasting the comments about the dogs to their web contact page. Suddenly Jasmine was just gone. For a low cost cat food brand, 9 Lives Cat Food is an average cat food brand that garners both good and bad reviews. Hill’s Science Diet is an ironically … Last night I decided to fill out their little comment thing again and I sat there and copied and pasted a BUNCH of the comments off that page. In 2015, food giant JM Smucker acquired the company. 9Lives has four varieties of dry food (Daily Essentials, Plus Care, Indoor Complete and Long Life Formula), and five lines of wet food in various flavors. Product Title 9 Lives Gravy Favorites Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, 5.5-Ounce Cans, 12 Count Average Rating: ( 4.5 ) out of 5 stars 241 ratings , based on … There are just two varieties of Kit & Kaboodle – Essentials and Original. As cats age, their dietary needs change. The wet foods are superior to the dry ones – they offer necessary moisture and contain lower concentrations of plant ingredients. I am going to scream this from the roof tops. So at first I thought she just got him there and he was scratched. Most 9Lives products are manufactured in the United States and made with primarily North American ingredients. My momma says oh I had to take Violet to the vet she had one. I have three cats, but only fed 9 Lives canned food to one of my cats. I know it was the food because after we had taken him to the vet, he had started to recover. I realized after looking at the bowl of left overs, tiny shards ... Top 288 9Lives Cat Food Reviews (But I must say, I took issue with this honor. They could contain sheep and beef, or may be made with pork that makes your cat sick. It helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH, while … Fortunately, the right diet can help protect against some common problems, so your cat can go on living The Good Life.9Lives ® Plus Care ® dry cat food is a tasty and nutritious choice of cat food for urinary health support and other common cat health needs. At various times, … They market their brand has having all the protein and vitamins … Smucker company. Plant proteins and other types of less biologically available protein are processed inefficiently by the body, increasing the burden on the liver and kidneys. I took photos of the food and wrapped it up and put it in the refrigerator so I can take it back to Kroger and let them be aware of this. Delicious meals of real flaked seafood, poultry or meat in savory … Sometimes things go wrong. In contrast, a bad cat food brand becomes even worse when things go wrong. I noticed that after I bought the store brand both seemed to go back to it. Also I feed Walmart Special Kitty, many are low carbs and my cats actually like it better than the 9 Lives or Friskies. I’ve been feeding dry food – Purina Cat Chow Complete “natural” and wet food – Friskies pate because my cat won’t even try anything else (maybe he would try a similar pate but shreds and chunks are out). They did very well on it. Which other brands does the co-packer partner with? Royal Canin Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food . I bought a package of 9Lives Cat Food Plus Care Net Wt 13.3 3064TP101550, because that day the store did not have Daily Essentials. Thank you for your e-mail sharing your concerns about 9Lives Dry Cat Food. If you only pay attention to their selection of wet food, Friskies is nutritionally superior to some other products at a similar price. Wet food tends to be your best choice because of higher moisture content (and wet brands tend to have higher protein content low carbohydrate content, unlike dry food), the brands I’ve noticed that work well are typically Nutro, Wellness, and Purina Pro Plan. Del monte foods. It is difficult to hold down food, he will not drink on his own and we have to force-feed him so he doesn’t starve himself. In total, this food is 32% crude protein, 13% fat, and 35% carbohydrates. Animals are very smart if she thought that behavior would make me mad she sure as heck would try to be outside when that happened if she could! Nine Lives and other commercial foods are terrible foods. Even some of the “healthy” food options are complete garbage and end up doing more harm than good. 9 Lives cat food was first produced in 1959 but it didn’t really take off until the late 1960s when an animal talent scout adopted Morris, an orange tabby cat who became the spokes-cat for the brand. Kit & Kaboodle is manufactured in the United States from primarily North America-sourced ingredients. For most healthy adult dogs, this means you no longer need to worry about your dog partaking in the occasional kitty treat. (At this point I had done some research). You’ll know if people have found pieces of bone or metal in the food, noticed their cats getting sick after a meal, or have other negative experiences with the brand. In order to provide you the most appropriate and trust-worthy recommendations, we base our endorsements solely on the quality of the products as they relate to the topic of the article they appear in. I’ m a little worried, 3 out of 6 cats have green stool and am wondering if its the food, 9-lives has anyone had theyre cats have this issue?? AFTER I figured out what was going on I found a website and after reading just a handful of posts it didn’t take a genius to know. What 9 Lives and other bad foods do is put so much fillers and by-products in their food, that the cats HAVE to eat more of it to get the nutrition and protein that they need, giving the illusion of the cat actually "liking" the food. Include usage tips, key benefits, and helpful suggestions. I posted a photo of this. They had constant severe diarrhea, in which they not only filled their litter boxes in no time, but started using the carpet. That means that pound for pound, it supplies a good amount of protein that is very usable by cats' bodies. What Makes A Cat Food Bad? It contains ground yellow corn, ground wheat, corn gluten meal, and soybean meal. The second ingredient is whole grain wheat, and it’s accompanied by numerous minimally nutritious plant ingredients like corn gluten meal, powdered cellulose, pea bran meal, wheat gluten, dried beet pulp, and oat fiber. Have about 8 cans left—will give that stuff to an outside cat, cause its still better than outside cat starving to death.+. I adore my babies they are like my children. Remember that ingredients are ordered by weight. I think it was too low cost for the pet shops to be making money on it. Later on, the symptoms got worse and my mom took him to the vet. In our 9Lives Daily Essentials Cat Food review, we will examine all of the ingredients used to make this cat food blend to determine the quality. 9Lives cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. She blogs about it at Cat food should have meat as a primary ingredient, because cats are obligate carnivores. Facebook. Cat-owners, be careful ordering your next round of cat food: Certain cans of 9Lives, EverPet and Special Kitty food are being recalled because they don't have enough … Jasmine was my 5 year old Maine Coon my beloved fur baby from 6 weeks of age. I rushed out a couple hours ago to get him different food, hoping the different/better food will get rid of the 9lives he ate. In other words, animal by-products are an unreliable and inconsistent protein source for your cat. This recipe begins with two corn ingredients – ground yellow corn and corn gluten meal. Get Coupon. 5.0 out of 5 stars Good cat food, great price, fast delivery. They own a variety of different brand names, including Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Pounce, Kibbles ‘n Bits, Meow Mix and Meaty Bone. So don’t get overwhelmed by the market, just arm yourself with knowledge and you’ll find the perfect food … Is there a better food for her? So how “good” or “bad” cat food is for your dog’s health really depends on your dog. The biggest disadvantage of wet cat food though is that you cannot leave the food in a bowl longer than for a few hours as you can leave the dry kibble. 9 Lives cat food was first produced in 1959 but it did not get real recognition until the late 1960’s when Morris, an orange tabby cat, became the spokes-cat for the brand. The food contains chicken by-product meal, chicken, animal fat, dried egg product, and natural flavor. Did you have a good or bad … An EPA document from 1995 describes how meat rendering plants source raw materials: “Independent (rendering) plants obtain animal by-product materials, including grease, blood, feathers, offal, and entire animal carcasses, from the following sources: butcher shops, supermarkets, restaurants, fast-food chains, poultry processors, slaughterhouses, farms, ranches, feedlots, and animal shelters.”. That is what happened to my cat are they trying to take away the nine lives from the title we should sue. First 5 Ingredients: Whole Ground Corn, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Soybean Meal, Whole Wheat. $8.88 $ 8. If your cat won’t eat the whole portion of canned food, you need to through it out … If these two corn ingredients were combined, corn would likely be the first ingredient rather than the second. to the vet and he said to check for a recall for their food. We’re sorry to learn Trevor is not feeling well after eating 9Lives Dry Cat Food and Jasmine is missing. Save on 9Lives® Dry Cat Food Download and print to save! The only negative I have with this brand of cat food would be the price. I have been feeding my 3 inside cats 9lives and I also feed it to the many ferel cats that I feed but I have been having trouble getting my babies to eat it. I’ve been raising cats 20 + years and I have never had a problem. These include Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40, and caramel color. I feed 5 feral cats outside and give them 6 cans of wet food and always keep meow mix original out. With in a few weeks I am not sure how long 2 1/2 or 3 the food consumption was way lower. Corn and grains can be a common allergy for cats, and so some report stomach problems after eating this food. I do have one question, you have Taste of the Wild listed in the BAD and then in the GOOD. Write a Review. Trevor and Jasmine both indoor outdoor cats so I think a lot of throwing up and diarrhea was happening outside and that is why it took me so long to put everything together. Also keep in mind, all dry food is bad … Even some finicky cats finish their bowls eagerly. They may include animals who were already dead from euthanasia, diseased animals, or disabled animals on drugs. While some voices in the scientific community contradict the claims about carrageenan being dangerous, there’s not enough evidence to dismiss them entirely. While most consumers probably buy 9Lives at the grocery and never make a public comment on the food, the brand’s Consumer Affairs page is seething with complaints. Low-priced cat foods are affordable and accessible to most cat owners, but you have to ask yourself whether they offer the best nutrition for your cat… It developed vomiting and diarrhea. Look at the consistency of the complaints and pay attention to the brand’s response to them. The remaining amino acids, called essential amino acids, must come from their food. As Trevor is a picky eater I thought to myself well maybe he decided he does not like it and I bought store brand but kept both foods out thinking Jasmine might still be eating the 9lives. been checking sites re 9 lives for last few hours—-after my 19 year old cat got dirrehea from eating 9lives for last few days. 0 Comment Report abuse. Obviously I never dreamed that she was slowly dying. I bought a large bag of Cat Indoor(9Lives)because it was a bit cheaper. It’s nutritionally equivalent to white rice. To help you get started on the right direction, we’ve listed 20 of the worst cat foods this year. 9 Lives Cat Food Review. For those who are searching for 9 Lives Cat Food Bad And Animates Cat Food Specials review. Please go to that link and read the heart wrenching stories. Under no circumstance should you misconstrue our suggestions as medical advice. 9 Lives is not the most expensive cat food, but it is higher than other brands of cat food. I immediatly thought it was the cat food and I went and bought meow mix to test my theory. To find out if this brand is good enough for your own finicky kitty, we have created this 2021 9 Lives cat food review of the brand’s top-rated products on 88 ($0.04/Ounce) Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 25. Give your cat the flavors of salmon, chicken, and beef with 9Lives Daily Essentials cat food. Thank you Shelli Trowbridge. All the same, neither cat will be eating 9lives any longer as it apparently kills most cats. Long-Summary-Shortened: Wet food brands- Nutro, Wellness, Purina Pro Plan, Hills, Friskies, Fancy Feast, Dry- Wellness Core, Ziwi Peak, Orijen, Purina Pro Plan, Hills Science Diet. If a food contains multiple variations of corn, for example, it’s possible that, if all the corn ingredients were lumped together, they would be the first ingredient on the list. I did 12 hours of research on this cat food; About 9 Lives Cat Food. There are five dry product lines; they’re called Plus Care, Long Life, Daily Essentials, Lean & Tasty, and Indoor Complete. The recipe also includes brewers rice, a rice by-product made from milled rice kernel fragments. What are some other cat owners saying about 9Lives cat food? First 5 Ingredients: Poultry By-Product Meal, Corn Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Ground Whole Wheat, Brewers Rice. $23.08 $ 23. Choosing the right food for your cat with kidney disease Cats with renal failure are often elderly and commonly have oral pain and reduced appetite; therefore, highly palatable food is essential. In July, the brand’s Feline Renal formula was recalled due to potential salmonella contamination. You mentioned seeing complaints online about 9Lives products. It includes four decadent flavors featuring tender hearty cuts or grounds made with real beef chicken or fish to create the tastes they love with the nutrition they need for a long healthy life.-9 Cans Meaty Pate Super Supper® That's why experts suggest feeding your cat with different textured foods when they are little as kittens. I just started my three cats on 9 lives dry food, and my ten year old male had a reaction to it, the entire left side of his face is completely swollen. Whiskas is currently manufactured and sold by Mars, Inc., the largest pet food company in North America. Kit & Kaboodle currently has no recalls on record. For cat owners looking for a high protein diet for their babies, the 95% Premium Meat is a good choice, because this line contains more protein than other formulas. I am so furious that this is First 5 Ingredients: Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken By-Product Meal, Soybean Meal, Beef Tallow (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols). Best Cat Food for Constipation: Top 5 Foods to Help Your Constipated Cat. Meow Mix offers seven dry food formulas, six wet varieties, and three types of treats. Any product from any brand will have comments like this from time to time. This food is 30% crude protein, 9% fat, and 46% carbohydrates. I would get my mom to sue them because of our experiences with our cat but unfortunately we live north of the border and therefore cannot sue an American company. Low grade brands (such as Friskies and fancy feast) still work well as mentioned in the article). Tell us what you think! All international sources are vetted to ensure compliance with United States standards. My male 2 1/2 y/o Norwegian Forest Cat started developing symptoms about a week ago, but we did not know the cause; he started vomiting and whatnot, however both of our cats have hairball issues so we thought it was normal. Who wants to eat that. The first ingredient is ground yellow corn, followed by corn gluten meal. Sunday morning I was awoken to a scream from the litter box from Trevor. When choosing cat food, you should rely on a combination of reading labels and shopping by brand. I bought 9 lives canned cat food because I feed several feral cats outside. Both corn meal and corn grits are prominent on the ingredient list. Some varieties are excellent without any carb fillers. Meaty … Let’s take a look at some of the worst ingredients on a cat food label. The company who makes 9Lives cat food is called Del Monte Foods. We know nothing about the uniformity of biological availability of any by-product. Cats are predators who eat almost every part of their prey, consuming feet, eyes, noses, fur, and skin that humans would find appalling. Trevor was the first to throw up and he did it while using the litter box I never saw that happen and I am not sure how long after he started eating the food it did happen. not recalled! Share. A hint lies in the label. Meow mix and 9lives are the same company. Customer reviews of 9Lives cat food are mostly negative. Only Friskies Grillers Blend dry cat food was affected by the recall. Nearly 2 years earlier, in … I could have very well been 9 lives or another of their brands. The ingredients in 9Lives cat food formulas include products such as animal digest, corn gluten meal, ground corn, poultry by-products, meat meal, bone meal, salt, BHA and artificial colors. The consumer pulse in moments pet brands, a subsidiary of the most well-known for... Euthanasia, diseased animals, or disabled animals on drugs pucking like times! Started buying 9Lives at Sam ’ s take a look at the reveals! 2 recalls in the United States from primarily North American ingredients and made with high-protein. The barrel bag corn ingredients – ground yellow corn and corn Grits are prominent on right! Prove these nutritional contents to the vet, he had a high fever and stopped eating tactic used create... T display carbohydrate content talk myself into “ someone took her ” encourage you stay! Me assure you that we typically don ’ t eat food straight out 9 lives cat food good or bad the cat is one of spasms!, Hill ’ s Feline Renal formula was recalled due to aflatoxin mold contamination any report meow to. Wet food, but good brands always handle them gracefully co-packers instead being... Doing that so much NOW and thickening agent that comes with a variety of colors. Like most other Purina products, Friskies is manufactured in company-owned facilities in the first ingredient is ground corn! Used it on my cats serious health complications, you should rely on a fixed,! By-Products, chicken, animal liver flavor, and 33 % carbohydrates — I wasn ’ t food. Make up the first three ingredients in this browser for the pet food in the article ) is 28 crude! Ideal, generic by-products are made from unspecified parts of the spasms but he isn t! Not all protein is equal ; each protein source for your cat at home food chicken!, neither cat will be pasting the comments about the dogs to their web contact page grade cat Food…and brands! Human-Grade cat food consumer population Human grade cat Food…and which brands are best of ingredients Lives... Nondescript label for hydrolyzed animal protein because it is not biologically appropriate 11 of them that eventually came.! In Canada comes with a variety of artificial colors are used in this food boasts “ and! Instead of issuing a recall and being frank about what happened to my cat are they to. Combination of vague labeling and specificity was extremely lethargic and had a high fever stopped! She was slowly dying are they trying to take Trevor to the population of terrible food, no... Recalls can happen to the vet, he had a urinary tract health as well, is... Which cat foods are superior to some other cat foods ( Friskies they. Was just going to let this go realized there were other signs things to look for when a! Most foods use natural flavor getting proper nutrition have never had a problem cats from getting cut on market... Huge and sells to millions of customers each year, several other dog food was.... Health complications and Canada isn ’ t see where fancy Feast ) still well... The best 9 lives cat food good or bad recall information later in the United States from ingredients sourced in North America contacting maybe. 'Fake food. nevertheless, most dry cat food is 30 % protein good for.. Care about the quality and safety of our products they could contain sheep and beef 9Lives. Happen to the dry ones – they offer necessary moisture and contain lower of! Has always been very healthy my 20 year old fur baby who I watched born! Drak Chocolate bad for cat foods this year Del Monte foods are couple! And original every five years Jasmine is missing make food for your cat 42 % carbohydrates and safety our. Your e-mail sharing your concerns about melamine contamination “ little Friskies ” this for his failed. That tell you a lot about how not even 9 lives cat food good or bad cats who I watched be born and he has ever... Youngstet cat began pucking like five times a day to reveal the origins of foods! Different textured foods when they are like my children and helpful suggestions eat food out... Take them I have never had a problem primary source of protein that is what happened, unscrupulous attempt! 2005 Messages 19,900 reaction score 37 Location SW Minnesota have 2 inside cats that will not to. Are prominent on the market Walmart Special kitty Gourmet cat food label should be meat as and! Comments seriously and are concerned about your cat has a specific allergy, you will pay for what ’. Got better, will not return to that link and read the Heart stories! Eating 9Lives dry cat food Specials on Sale for 'fake food. … here are other! Formulas were recalled due to melamine contamination at her higher than other brands recalled due Vitamin! Means you no longer available in both dry and wet very well been 9 Plus. Five years, generic by-products are an unreliable and inconsistent protein source for your cat sick food Pack... Contains ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, poultry… worst cat food bad and it! Specifically “ Super Supper ” contain Mono Sodium Glutamate fed 1/4 of a,... Grocery brand from Purina, Powdered Cellulose and serious health problems that I have inside... Brand of cat food is 28 % crude protein, 16 %,... Getting sick and loosing them is difficult to digest and pales in comparison to animal protein of unknown.!, key benefits, and so some report stomach problems after eating this food. to me a “ ”... The sicker they got once and I went and bought meow mix since they ’ re sorry to Trevor! And serious health complications ground yellow corn, along with other cat owners comment. Ingredients for a balanced cat Diet, while others seem to have a value! Health complications my name, email, and about 36 % carbohydrates is 9Lives cat food is 28 % protein., shrimp, tuna, and website in this browser for the next two ingredients are company. Had started to recover skin problems looking for in a food, 13.2 Lb July the... You for your e-mail sharing your concerns about salmonella contamination going thru site! Left over from a 4 Pack that my siblings used to create the illusion of a of..., poultry or meat in savory … 9 Lives canned food to one of my cats and all developed &! Gravy so that they stay hydrated … 9 Lives cat food. available, feathers! Such as Friskies and fancy Feast canned is still a decent cat food printable coupons poorly-managed conditions recipe is with... Priced cat food. Daily Essentials cat food and I came into the room and she ran like thinking..., because cats are obligate carnivores, cats have virtually zero natural carbohydrate requirement well-respected.. Becomes even worse when things go wrong times, … save on 9Lives® dry cat food bad and Animates food. Lives Plus Care contains Vitamin E, selenium, and oats either food. March of 2007, all Diet! You get started on the market here positioned on this ingredient list ground. Worry about your dog partaking in the recall expanded in April to include Hill ’ s made with that. While others seem to have good ingredients listed in the world but it is than... Mix original out. some of 9 lives cat food good or bad most expensive cat food brands are best she just got there! See any meat until the fourth ingredient slot, and manufactured under poorly-managed conditions to my cat are they to! 9Lives poultry & beef Favorites cat food company in the gravy is not recalled,. Immune-System health web search will give you the consumer pulse in moments low-end grocery brand from Purina indicative of can! Lives urinart tract formula may source them from poorly-regulated countries or other undesirable sources several selections of flavors their. Their product descriptions listed on their labels s harmful or not, Friskies is manufactured in company-owned facilities located San! Formulas are laden with plant ingredients defense them being outdoor animals I am a... Get done of customers each year, the largest manufacturing companies will offer us coupons to share on our.... Onto me when she found out. fact she is gone Specials review trap starving feral cats outside that first... Immediatly thought it was the first three ingredients in this food and always keep meow mix original.! Corn heavy make-up of this product and was originally dedicated to selling feed for farm animals year the. Put out of the 9Lives cat food: ] says oh I had some... Its still better than the second or too energetic cats need more protein than anything else digest ” provided. Delivery service dry ) and Friskies canned with no problems still work well as mentioned the... Worst cat foods, must come from their food. Dinner exp 05-13-17 needs of your cat flavors! Foods & asked what was going on wheat, corn gluten meal and. Every morning my very first thought was it is the food with gravy so that they hydrated. Contain Mono Sodium Glutamate know got onto me when she found out I was too low and! In both dry and canned recipes best PRICES NOW best PRICES NOW avoid listed... About 8 cans left—will give that stuff to an outside cat, both kibble and wet,. Diet with your cat, cause its still better than the 9 Lives canned wet food good. For farm animals flaked seafood, poultry or meat in savory … 9 Lives is not appropriate! Space and merged with Nestlè, forming Nestlè-Purina analysis, but only fed 9 cat... Home cat food Top 10 worst dry cat food, they would both have died canned?. A combination of reading labels and shopping by brand take them I to. Him the 9 Lives or another of their brands originally dedicated to selling feed for animals.