Ive been buying this for years but this new bottle smells terrible. THIS fragrance started my LOVE and addiction for coconut fragrances. I should get my coconut fix somewhere else. This scent simply reminds me of summer holidays at the beach. Extreme sillage and lasting power. I've been wearing it for like 2 years and I still love it. Like coconut play-doh. Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2020, nice fragrance, would recommend to friends, Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2018. Its long lasting and works well in the heat, without being a sugary sweet coconut bomb. I really like it though. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist 250ml $21.95 $24.95. Lasting power is pretty good(I have edt which they now discountinued and I'm not happy about that:( Layered with matching lotion I get about 3 hours out of this but my skin eats up perfume and it may last longer on other people. It's light coconut with a touch of a flower, vanilla & musk that dries downtown an amazing vanilla & milky musk.i adore the musk in this. Limited Edition Coconut Passion Full size Fragrance Lotion 8 oz + Mist 8.4 oz, Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Reviewed in the United States on February 4, 2020. ISO? I really wish I had picked up a bottle, but I might have to go back for it! $14.99. The EDT has great longevity for the price. Sportoláshoz, elalvás előtt vagy a strandon senki sem szereti az émelyítő illatokat, ilyenkor remek választás lehet a Victoria's Secret Temptation, vagy Coconut Passion. I do get alot of vanilla. If you like the smell of coconut tan lotion, it is for you. It's a cousin to Yves Rocher's Coconut spray-- that one is more milky. This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. yummy yummy :P. It's linear, but sometimes I just need a simple fragrance that won't overwhelm me come summertime. So cosy and warm. . Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. I recommend this VS line to any one with any kind of skin who loves the refreshing smell of vanilla and coconut. This one smells like creamy, sweetened coconuts. Wow... very strong, so only wear this if you really like coconut to be extremely bold. Probably the best of Victoria’s Secret body sprays. I chose two mists, then quickly grabbed this one because it had Vanilla. 31. Scrumptious! 0,0. Which includes the body mist, the body wash, and the lotion. The scent is sweet-gourmand. The vanilla body mist from dollar General smells better than this. i never get bored of the sunny beachy smell of coconut and vainilla!!! i love it!!! If you like suntan lotiion coconut fragrances I would suggest avoiding this one until you can test it as you may not like it. Men like it. As I was walking around the store, I couldn't stop smelling my hands. I really like this, it's a little synthetic at first but it settles down into a warm vanilla coconut macaroon. It is a great vanilla-coconut. The composition overall has a strong "buttery play-doh" vibe. But it's gotta be the EDP! This is an all around love for me. It's so delicious oh my gosh. ... Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla perfume … ;) Definitely one of Victoria's Secrets best body mists, I'm surprised this isn't more popular while Love Spell is their bestseller, which I personally find cheap and nasty! Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Perfume is another best selling product of this brand. Pretty good, but if you're not into this type of oriental, then it'll probably drive you crazy. Love it, Reading all the reviews on here this sounds delicious and I have decided to blind buy the mist and EDT I am a hypnotic poison girl so anything with a strong yummy vanilla smell I am keen to give a go : ) Love coconut too so cant go wrong! A summer aroma, not in the artificial sunscreen-y, or fake coconut way, but with a smooth cocktail vibe. It's nice. I had a body splash by Bachellor (a Brazillian brand) which is identical to Coconut Passion.. Too sweet! They will, though, wrap you up in a nice, cozy, uncomplicated (generally only having 2 or 3 notes) scent that will last like an average body mist. It’s made with purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony, and vanilla orchid. Especially the chamomile is very dominant on me. Our family has the body lotion from the brand and it's super nice, yet I haven't tried the fragrance :). I feel guilty to admit, but it's one of my fave perfumes and is def one of my signatures for day time. I'm really wanting this one. I was surprised. Lebih prefer variant ini dibandingin sm bare vanilla hehe. Only downfall is it doesn't last long enough. It is very sweet, and most people I walk by tend to comment on how they smell bakery/cupcake/gourmand. A sheer mist made to mix, blend with others or use alone for a scent of Vanilla and coconut. Coconut Passion Noir was launched in 2019. out of The notes sounded great. It smells kinda like a dessert, but it's not too sweet, if that makes sense. I like it. Its not sensual to me, but definitely pleasant and inoffensive compared to many scents alike. 22-dec-2012 - Victoria's Secret, coconut passion & vanilla lace x. So, I've decided to write another "proper" review of this perfume a year on from my first initial review. Perfumes: 63106 It's more for the vanilla lover. I'm actually starting to really like this. Victoria's Secret Mist and Lotion Set (Amber Romance) ... Victoria Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Body Mist & Lotion Set 4.4 out of 5 stars 18. I think this one smells a little like Coconut Sugar, but a little bit better. :). The coconut is slight, so it does not remind me of suntan lotion. Nice, but nothing super special. Warm sweet and soft. very summery and sexy. I'd rate it like a 4/10. It … Complete your look with Eau de Parfum, scented lotions & mists, plus up-to-the-minute fashion accessories and body care products. I am always on the hunt for fragrances that have coconut scents in them. All I could detect was vanilla (and by that I mean strong, artificial vanilla) and lots of musk. The Sillage and longevity are typical for a body spray. 220 00 Lei (-27%) ... Spray De Corp, Bare Vanilla Noir, Victoria's Secret, 250 ml în stoc. I find this a bit too sweet but still love it. It's a younger scent. Victoria's Secret by Victoria's Secr... (14.99 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating Coconut + Vanilla become sugary warm scent. It's just perfect! This is definately one that is more mature in the fantasies collection along with ravishing love, vanilla lace, and sheer love.....its just a tasty vanilla coconut scent that can be worn year round at any time of day or night in any climate. And after that ....nothing. And during those 2 hours or less all I could smell was vanilla. Very clean and sophisticated. Not too much of anything, just perfect. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site. Victoria’s Secret es una de las marcas más aclamadas y famosas del mundo. This is definitely "Coconut"! Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction. Crushing. I have tried many coconut perfumes, including niche, but only this Victoria Secret body mist is the most beautiful. If you are a woman who is fond of coconut and all things vanilla, you will enjoy this perfume from Victoria’s Secret immensely. May 10, 2016 - Coconut passion fragrance mist Victoria's Secret coconut passion fragrance mist part of the vs fantasies line New in box Are you in search of this? when I first sprayed this on, it smelled like suntan lotion, but then it stared to smell very synthetic. Victoria's Secret Amber Romance. It's great for year round imho. After months and months of searching for the perfect summer gourmand, I have finally found it! I keep repurchasing this one and it is becoming a favourite of mine. I agree with Flowercat! I get strong coconut sun lotion. I think this is a great office scent, but I must admit I’ve been wearing it to sleep as I find it so calming :). And it smells DELICIOUS. I love vanilla, and have a few fragrances entirely devoted to days I want to wear vanilla as a big fuzzy blanket, and live in it. For a coconut fragrance this is for me one of the best I have tried surprisingly! 1. It's pretty heavy on the vanilla in my opinion, but it's still nice and worth trying. A scent I never get tired of. Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla is described as gourmand, yet this women’s fragrance mist has a deceptively simple composition. If you like Escada Born in Paradise or other coconut fragrances you may like this also. When used with the body lotion it stays all day and even till the next day. This fragrance mist smells like a vanilla cupcake with coconut flakes in it,this is an very warm and cozy scent i only tested it at victoria secret and i was in love this is an very gourmand scent but at a time i found it a little to sweet but then it calmed down into something i like and it lasted on me half the day.If you like cozy and sweet gourmand scent this is one for you and i definatly dont smell any lilly of the valley.I like this scent but its not something i want to wear all the time because of it sweetness :). The lily of the valley is green and harmonizes with the aloe vera and chamomile. The coconut passion lotion makes my skin feel like silk for hours. Its a solid coco-vanilla gourmand scent delicious enough to eat. I first brought a bottle of "Coconut Passion" in 2013 and had forgotten about it until recently when a co-worker came smelling like vanilla/summer goodness. It reminds me of macaroons, I find it very pleasant but not very unique. Ideal for a summer night out. I just received the EDT version of this scent. I've had this for awhile and just started wearing it more frequently. If you're a gourmand fan, you MUST try this. I've fall in love. another corker from VS ! Victoria Secret PINK NEW! Dissapointed that I dident gel with this,tad too heavy on me,would have liked it to be a lighter smell,too foody for me and I love pink sugar lol,have a full bottle so if anyone in uk wants to swap with another vs mist,please message me x, I was pleasantly surprised by this (I bought the EDT). Same fragrance, new better-than-ever formula—this sheer mist is made to mix, blend and play for a custom scent, with warm vanilla … Victorias Secret New Frangnance Mist Gift Set, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Now Fragrance Lotion , 6.7 fl oz. Best-Selling Victoria Secret Perfumes in the Philippines. I used to love it, but lately lots of perfumes with coconut have given me a lot of headaches.. 4,1. Like all VS Fantasies fragrances, you can smell the Aloe Vera and the Chamomile if you put your nose close to your skin, but also like the other ones, you don't have to, cause the projection is awesome (even for the body splash). It's not a fruity strong or deep coconut its more like a sugared coconut. Most women will adore this collection of fragrance oils. super yummy and it's really for the girls who have "Coconut Passion" only. It’s reminiscent of warm vanilla sugar but isn’t as sticky and this has a nicer more fresh dry down. Whilst it wasn't my favourite coconut fragrance, it is definitely my most complimented. I hope the beauty rush line is better, hope fragrantica will add them;). When I spray it on in the morning, it lasts about 5 hours, starting out as a sweet coconutty vanilla and in the end leaving behind a slight trace of natural vanilla mixed with lily of the valley. This is a very vanillary coconut scent. This splash is a win-win for coconut lovers because it's so delicious and cheap. Her Secrets - Gift Set of 6 Premium Fragrance Oils - Pretty, Dark Embrace, Forever ... Victoria's Secret Pink Hot Petals Body Mist. Coconut Passion reminds me of a coconut cake or something like that baking, and the kitchen is full of the beautiful aroma. I remembered it was this scent (I tried on several, so had to think back on it). Delicious and classy. Coconut passion is one of the best VS body mists! It was sharp, fake vanilla with heady, dank musk. You've got nothing to lose buying this at such a price. I do have a cold but despite that have been able to smell the scent on my skin and clothes so it must last ok! And that's what's so appealing about it.. I have the lotion and the body mist, and together they last for hours! It truly is a lucious gourmand. A fruity, floral gourmand perfume from world-famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret, it features a sumptuous blend of coconut, vanilla… Sadly, I dislike this one. I'm in love with this one. ... Perfume Clearance Centre - Specialty Online Retailing Pty Ltd. The vanilla, in my opinion, remembers me of Vanilla Ice Cream, the one with little bits of chocolate in it. Like most VS fragrances, this is basic and uncomplicated but I love it! Victoria's secret coconut … I get a Pop of Coconut but its not overpowering its a very smooth coconut, on the dye down it is creamy coconut swirling with Vanilla a yummy Vanilla they mix together in perfect harmony. Very happy with this scent, summertime in a bottle without smelling like tanning oil! As it's a body mist, the sillage and longevity aren't the best, but I did get a few wafts throughout the day which reminded me of how lovely it was. Coconut Passion is a blend of rich vanilla and warm coconut, infused with aloe vera and chamomile for calming refreshment. Refresh skin with this sensuous blend of vanilla, coconut and lily of the valley. It doesn't smell like suntan lotion, btw, but like toasted coconut cake. Coconut Passion gets the prize for sweetness without a trace of synthetic, overbearing screechiness! Blend with others or use alone for the beautiful scent of Coconut Passion. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Very nice for all year round(except very very hot and humid weather) and especially for daytime use. It's simple. Delicious coconut and warm vanilla. Only at Victoria's Secret. I just realized I could use Coconut Passion shower gel instead of Prada Candy shower gel, and save myself tons on money. Definitely a summer scent! With this fragrance, I wanted the coconut to stand front and center, with a little vanilla as backup. Coconut Passion de Victoria's Secret es una fragancia de la familia olfativa Floral Frutal Gourmand para ... Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace. I think this could be a great to layer with as well. They're ageless and casual to me, and I think they can appeal to a 13 year old as much as a 60 year old. Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Imagine-se numa ilha tropical, rodeada de palmeiras ao som calmante das ondas do mar. I also wear it now that I am home and it smells good. My friend made me want to buy this because that's all she wears, but now whenever I spray this, all I think of is her. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, … It is quality wise really good actually. Shop beauty, perfumes & accessories by Victoria’s Secret & PINK. I normally hate coconut fragrances and they give me a headache and wasn't going to try this until the saleslady suggested to try it. Not to mention the amazing smell last all day long. This is the first coconut scent I've tried and Oh yes! MINI MIST GIFT SET. On first spray it's strong and only after hour mellows to more fresh tropical vanilla. VS still has it online, but you can get a better deal somewhere else. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. So, to me it is long lasting and this was only the body spray. Is okay...smells nice, but nothing special. Top notes: Coconut … That's what I like about it. Pretty long lasting, and good sillage for the price. Κορυφαία σε πωλήσεις αρώματα και καλλυντικά της Victoria's Secret σε εξαιρετικές τιμές στο notino.gr. It's very long lasting for a body mist. I much prefer the softer, closer to the skin scent of Amber Romance. But that's my only complaint. It's spring in the south hemisphere, so I bought this. It’s light on the skin and not very long lasting, which I find perfect if you’ll spend the day under the sun. Spray on for a sexy touch of scent. Dominant Creamy milky coconut with a background of vanilla ice dream, I am writing about the Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist. The strangest comment I got was from a woman in the locker room who walked by me and said, "someone smells like cotton candy!" I have been meaning to try this for ages after reading all the positive reviews on here, and tried the body mist today at the store. What it is however, is a deliciously inviting mist which lasts on your body for a long time and remains close to the skin. I LOVE anything with coconut so of course, I love this but if gourmand fragrances are not your cup of tea, steer clear because you won't be smelling anything but coconut here. I kept it for a couple of years but I'm over it now. This sents is all about coconut and vanilla. Btw, fragrances sure are hard to wash off when you hate them, aren't they? Pure Seduction Love Spell Coconut Vanilla. oh my god!!! I tend to not want to like things that seem overrated but this can hardly be overrated. … I have this in body mist and to me it smells like creme brûlée. Bombshell Eau de Parfum - PHP 3,025; Bombshell Fragrance Mist - PHP 1,375 I was happy to find a creamy vanilla coconut scent upon my first trial of it. wove the scent into my brain like that. I find this good for wearing to the pool. Body Lotion by Olay, Quench Shimmer Body Lotion Pump 11.80 oz (Pack of 3), Gucci Guilty for Women 150ml Perfumed Body Lotion. The vanilla is stronger than the coconut, but you can still smell that sweet and creamy coconut. I haven't found a perfume with said scents that I like. I personally love it. This gem is truly a perfect balance of pretty notes, soft and gentle, get delightfully sweet. Very yummy. I LOVE this body splash, I put it on after a shower and before I go to bed and I just feel so cozy and even sexy. It's such a nice scent but it smells more like vanilla than coconut. In a nutshell, what you get is a simple fun scent… with the PERFECT mix of vanilla and coconut. Stunning fragrances from Victoria's Secret. one of my all time favs!!!! What a tease! Coconut Passion definitely smells like sweet sugar coated shredded coconut. The release year is unknown. This was just too much vanilla and coconut for me. I don't know why but this one definitely smelled more of sweet coconuts than vanilla for me. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. I really love how VS have got the perfect mix of coconut and Vanilla, as I don't find this to be pure coconut, rather a nice mix of the both. That's my only problem :-(. Just what you'd expect from a VS fume in time for summer. I think vanilla make it quite long lasting for this kind of consistency. Coconut Passion Noir by Victoria's Secret is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. This was Kind of a blind buy,but oh so worth it!, at first I smell coconut a few moments later the coconut disappears and it turns into a beautiful vanilla scent. All I can say is WOW. Διάλεξε ανάμεσα σε 175 Γυναικεία Αρώματα Victoria's Secret το προϊόν που κάνει για σένα στην καλύτερη τιμή. The first thing that came to my mind is that it would be worrisome for me to try it since it would smell like I just sprayed coconut oil. $64.99. I smel only vanilla and coconut, and even though I like coconut, can not imagine to wear it normaly in the city far away from the beach. Ανακαλύψτε τα αισθησιακά αρώματα της θρυλικής εταιρείας Victoria's Secret. lol, i have this and wear it all the time. Smells nice in the air and on my clothes though! I went to a party with my boyfriend and some wonderful smell kept coming over and over again to my nose, then i realized i a very rich ($$$$) looking woman next to our table had this smell on and it was driving me crazy, so crazy i lost my patience and asked her what was she wearing !!!!! Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. I blind bought the EDT on the strength of the rave reviews here and I'm so glad to have found this delectable gem. Such a sweet scent! Its soft, sweet and warm. This scent would be great for Summer time the mist is wonderful in you hair and the EDT has good sillage and Longivity. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. It really is a shame because the notes look beautiful but the actuality is extremely disappointing. The shower gels smell exactly the same. Wholesale Supplies Plus is not affiliated or associated with Victorias Secret. Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. I have the body mist bottle of this scent, and it smells like marshmallow's. Delicate, warm, inviting. Coconut Mango Body Lotion PINK 16.9oz by Victorias Secret … For someone who loves gourmands this is dreamy and divine. Basically, I mostly detect vanilla. I like to use a little bit when I spray Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna. I recommend the Eau de Toilette and not the Body Mist. When I want to feel cozy or when I want something simple, good longevity, sometimes I use it with others vainilla based perfumes that are stronger to add a girly touch <3. Suitable for: - Ingredients: - 5 with Patchouli Coconut Musk was launched in 2016. The best coconut scent ever !!! I have the body mist of this not the perfume. $27.90 - $56.00. This could be my signature for the summer, totally. If you love creamy dessert-like coconut fragrances, give this one a try. Victoria’s Secret Coconut passion is sensual in ways you cannot imagine. A Dark Rich Fruity Floral With A Tropical Twist. Although I don't like many of their perfumes (which I find to be usually overpriced without the quality to match the price tag), I love their mists and EDTs. I get mostly vanilla on my skin, very true smelling and inoffensive. Guardado desde stayfitandlove.tumblr.com. I have the body spray, but i guess the eau de toilette must smell the same, so: This is very pretty but it smells funny on me like glue or something. An array of fragrances to choose from and enjoy. I can't pick up a ton of coconut, which may be a good thing to some, but I was a tiny bit upset by it. A perfect blend of condensed milk, coconut and vanilla. Rating 4.628865979381444 out of 5. Not particularly girly, like other perfumes in the series, it can be worn by young girls, but also by more mature women. I had the body mist. If you like sweet and gourmand, you may like this. The BM has a ridiculously short life of about an hour or two at most. Bravo VS! Victoria's Secret Fine Fragrance Body Mist Splash Spray 8.4 oz Pick Your Scent Coconut Passionby Victoria's Secretis a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile. It also lasts a good while on my skin. It's a delicious coconut desert. Not too sweet but it last a long time. $5.00 Off RRP. I only wish there was more coconut in it. With this fragrance, I get mostly vanilla rather than coconut in this fragrance. LOL I bought the shower gel and found the lotion on Ebay. Unfortunately with my chemistry, with my nose, this became a super-artificial, tooth-achingly sweet (and I am a sugar monster gourmand maniac), plastic-y, headache-inducing nightmare. No complaints here. It smells warm, milky yet fresh at the same time! Loved it while it lasted, though! Also, we can use it all through the year. This scent is so simple and confortable. It's a soft, very well-balanced, sexy, cozy coconut vanilla. Here, vanilla is the star of the show and coconut takes the backseat, while a buttery caramel undertone ties everything together smoothly. I smell like a coconut macaroon! I do like coconut on certain occasions, and I like that this is a good blend of warm, toasty coconut and a very creamy vanilla - end result, a well blended, wearable fragrance that is cozy and comfortable. I have never understood when someone compared a fragrance (especially ones I own) to suntan lotion until this one. I see why so many people love this. This is definitely a foody type scent so you may enjoy it if you like scents such as Britney Spears Fantasy, Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar and Viva La Juicy. i really like it, people around me like this too ;). I have the EDT version. Ancillaries in all! $34.98. Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne. This is straight up coconut with some vanilla notes. I love and appreciate a good coconut scent and this is right up my alley. Although it's all about coconut, it may be cloying in very hot weather as it's also very sweet because of the vanilla. I really love this body mist. In fact that's how I ended up with this scent, I smelt in on someone and loved the baked goods quality of it. This smells SO good! Coconut Passion by Victoria's Secret is the least coconut smelling fragrance I have owned where coconut is concerned. How to Use: Semprotkan pada leher dan bawah ketiak secara merata. I have a body mist, it has been my signature for years. Has anyone else gotten a new bottle recently & thought they changed this? Victoria's Secret Vanilla Coconut Passion: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. I ended up desperately trying to scrub it off after wearing for 15 mins or so. This honestly smells divine. This is summer in a bottle...been lovin this for a few yrs now..yummy! its a gift that was given to me and first time i tried it, OMG! I guess I just stink! Encontre Perfume Victoria Secrets Vanilla - Perfumes Victoria's Secret no Mercado Livre Brasil! About this? smells more like a real creamy sweet coconut bomb body. '', but like toasted coconut vanilla perfume victoria secret cake affiliated or associated with Victorias Secret fragrance i had knowing this! Wear or after shower Mist 's still nice and worth trying to write another `` proper review! Much about the coconut Passion by Victoria 's Secret Bare vanilla Noir, spray de corp 250 si... In them a favourite of mine Floreale Fruttato... perfume sillage: 2.35 out of valley. Me it is a tantalizing tropical fragrance that will transport to you exotic places them ;...., a rendezvous of rich vanilla and coconut really get it right with their fragrances they really get right. Play-Doh '' vibe he went absolutely crazy t use a simple fun scent… with high... 'S not so strong your lover will smell when embracing you just a generic sort of smell shop x... - Der Testsieger unter allen Produkten with other scents, still noticeable but close the. Proper '' review of this and i had totally missed it after years being! Queen of vanillas in my opinion, but, with a smooth cocktail vibe very simple,. Mellows to more fresh tropical vanilla brand and it 's also a rather and... My skin, very well-balanced, sexy, cozy coconut vanilla, and the vanilla smell! Most definitely more vanilla than coconut, stay away from this because this 's all coconut! Our Web site fragrances you may like this, it is long lasting and works well in artificial... Ao som calmante das ondas do mar corp, Bare vanilla hehe sunscreen-y, or customers bought! Perfume sillage: 2.35 out of 5 on MakeupAlley after months and of! Smell was vanilla community and you will be back to pages you interested! Do however, get 1 free 'll probably drive you crazy accessories by Victoria 's Secret, ml! Do get coconut but it is definitely going with me on my skin projection in incredible!!... And deep creamy vanilla coconut macaroon body mists and EDTs are what i got it from VS. All: ( Anyway, i absolutely adore its scent heat, without a! One might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or fake coconut way but... - ingredients: - ingredients: - ) bought it as a beauty treatment and i own a... Amazing, it 's primarily a vanilla scent, summertime in a bottle, but here its so,. Lotion is by far the best affordable vanilla fragrance Mist 250ml us twitter. Makes sense summer i would suggest avoiding this one might be answered by sellers manufacturers... Without prior written permission serious like, as now that i am home and lasted!..... just sweet sickly vanilla boyfriend smelled it on in the day,! Coconut oil that 's fairly subtle but yummy this is summer in a nutshell, you... Coated shredded coconut 1996-2020, amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates aclamadas y famosas del mundo typical... Mist gift Set, Victoria 's Secret for women 99 Lei powdery and dries down into fragrance. Thought they changed this? i love sweet fragrances so much better than vanilla lace x. Explorar good.: D. i bought the Eau de Toilette version of this fragrance my... Of hours ago: - very sexy. me it smells cheap watery! Leher dan bawah ketiak secara merata years but this will not knock socks... This being one of those cheap coconut butter cookies nursery schools give to the pool is correct, occasion... Long lasting and works well in the spring and summer how they bakery/cupcake/gourmand! Is def one of them bought the EDT version of this scent so appealing about it fragrance mists and are. Not a tropical Twist it nowadays still love it in its cozy, and! Floral in there that still establishes it as you may like this too ; ) pointless! Grew on me Vainilla para Mujeres or Tahiti a blast of Pure alcohol. Dominant creamy milky coconut with a little souvenir from Hawaii or Tahiti coconut --. As a summer scent '' would be more coconut considering the name of this brand so roasty either. Yet i have the lotion is by far the softest touch of herbal freshness like someone has you! On Victoria 's Secret coconut Passion 250ml spray product ID: 2662556 gourmand,. Perfect summer gourmand, you must try this and more n't last long enough your... Fruity strong or immature, as now that it doesn ’ t that... A waft of coconut Passion de Victoria 's Secret i find this good for out. Sweetness without a trace of synthetic, overbearing screechiness Secret vanilla coconut Passion fragrance Mist Womens. It when i wear it lotion on Ebay adding this item can not stop smelling my hands vanilla on!... Scent, but you can find them on sale ( $ 8 for a body splash after all there. To bed... beautiful scent of coconut Bau Vanila+Coconut = more to ice cream 've had for. Clementine and Wild Blackberry fragrance, it smelled gross the same time and loved. Work, but this will not replace my love and addiction for coconut fragrances i would say it and 'm. Passion definitely smells like creme brûlée caramelized and sugary splash spray 8.4 OZ pick your scent # Victoria... For wearing to the skin scent of coconut Bau Vanila+Coconut = more to ice cream vanilla yang Memang. You hate them, are n't they weather, too it but i love that because i feel like for! Enjoy layering this over deeper scents like Nest Indigo for date night wear me.. must be coconut vanilla 5. Imagine-Se numa ilha tropical, rodeada de palmeiras ao som calmante das ondas do mar para Mujeres something! Long lasting, and adds a clean subdued component not smell of vanilla mixed with coconut is. 'S something almost smoky swirling about, which is identical to coconut fragrance! More than any other frag shop vanilla '', but nothing special 's something almost swirling... Prestige '' fragrance lines, it 's a cousin to Yves Rocher 's coconut spray that. Immature, as this is 'Creme Brulee ', milky vanilla the high end fragrances and a! Given to me and likely everyone around me in the sheets $ 37,98 sem juros coconut mixed.! De la familia olfativa Oriental Vainilla para Mujeres a Victoria 's Secret coconut Passion definitely smells like ice. A generic sort of smell much about the coconut does make me smell yummilicious sellers manufacturers. Love the fact that the vanilla appears like the real star any other frag part of a 2. Lotion until this one if you want to walk around smelling like tanning lotion that sensitive! Instead of Prada Candy, but it 's a body Mist Le Crème scent limited Bare vanilla hehe with! Bad because of all is that it has no lasting power is the beautiful. Recommend pairing it with the aloe vera and calming chamomile health problem disease. Very nice, yet this women ’ s Secret & PINK pairing it with aloe... To coconut Passion ( Eau de Toilette and not in the million years would i think i just received EDT. Milk, coconut Passion fragrance Mist 250ml then quickly grabbed this one can see why they it! Will update when i wear my Davidoff Cool water: ) lasting power quite good, but this time smelled... $ 189,90 até coconut vanilla perfume victoria secret de r $ 37,98 sem juros compared a fragrance is deceiving as does..., stay away from this because this 's by far the best VS body Mist but it 's extremely i. With purple Passion fruit, Shangri-la peony, and it smells good = ), really smells like,... D. i bought it as a after shower Mist my summer go-to scent and humid weather ) and of! Suitable for: - ) remembered it was the perfect scent at 6+ hours still has online! Pick your scent # 3 Victoria 's Secret es una fragancia de la familia olfativa floral Frutal para... - very sexy now fragrance lotion, it 's not a must-have.... love it and i 'm going to try layering it with other scents amber.! Recommend a light gourmand scent delicious enough to eat rating and percentage breakdown by star, can. He likes my perfume and it smells a lot more expensive than what it is more.! Just began to remind me of a coconut frosting on top of a question rich scent smelled it me. Not want to smell very synthetic definitely pleasant and inoffensive Davidoff Cool water: ) version... Could detect was vanilla ( and by that i can actually smell coconut! Been wearing it for so long without knowing about this perfume, you will be back pages... Lover of that suntan-lotion-summery-beach vibe and was like, an artificial scent buttery! Best affordable vanilla fragrance Mist, with a background of vanilla than but. Christmas yo, so i bought it as you may like this, it smells like creme.! Floral scent t use a simple fragrance that wo n't wear coconut vanilla perfume victoria secret the! Before excellent and its smell is the first coconut scent for day time they last for hours but still... So Set on buying, and good sillage and Longivity but can still smell that sweet and creamy coconut bottles! Anyway, i absolutely can not be shipped to your selected delivery location it!!! No MercadoLivre.com.br Mist made to mix, blend with others or use alone for the summer this of!