According to some observers, Jungkook is considered to have quite heavy vocals. Still, happy to hear Jimin is at least trying. Without hearing how you sing I can’t really help you pinpoint what the issue might be. Thank you for the response anyway 🙂. First, the lack of live experience. Is it just me, or is Jungkook’s supported lower range weakening? (I’m guessing E4/Eb4) Hi ahmin! Unsupported just means shallow, underdeveloped technically but even with tension, it’s not necessarily full on vocal strain. That’s okay, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t for bad reasons. Generally decent pitch, very light mixing, pretty bright, slightly whiny, a high larynx and a lot of breathiness, as well as using falsetto a lot. His pitch is really good. It sounds closer to C6, but I wouldn’t count that as singing. Of course I do, I reply to the comments and questions that we get! So sometimes when Jungkook sings live he has a vibrato in his voice, and it’s often a spontaneous live like during a variety show or just singing for fun so he hasn’t warmed up his throat or putting much effort into it. No it’s G#4, but it is falsetto with a very wobbly vibrato. We can see a certain support in maintain down C3 with his chest voice. Well not necessarily for the control and relaxed technique. If he did, would his vocal range expand? again, I’m mindblown by the detail and the work going into finding examples. Jeon Jungkook without doubt, the most versatile singer in the kpop industry BTS harmonies adlibs and guides fairy the biggest group in the world main vocalist, praised and mentioned by vocal trainers and magazines as the golden boy all over the world. Jungkook’s songs have always been a huge hit, gaining more fans for the group BTS . E-mail followers, please follow new blog! He could definitely “fix” his technique. His falsetto tend to be relaxed when it is not pushed at really high notes and he can transition to falsetto with a certain ease. Jungkook isn’t technically the girl in the song 😂. Hi Ahmin , did Jungkook use his mix or his falsetto around 1.08 min? Since then, if you follow BTS, you would notice how he could perfectly sing parts from soft to sharp, high, dynamic, and falsetto! Recently, BTS singer Jungkook took to their official Twitter handle and posting a video of himself showing off his incredible vocal range. Could he sing with proper technique and still produce the sound he wants? Yeah there’s no full on strain, but I hear no true support where they’ve started his mixed voice. Thank you for your hard work as always. The most relaxed singing technique out of all tenors in BTS; Pitch is relatively good when not doing vocal runs; Tends to favor falsetto over mixed voice, minimizing vocal strain; Shallow support is present to an extent in his singing So Jungkook just happened to release a new cover and I was wondering if he’s still the same or if he’s improved a bit (I doubt though) or if he used bit of a better technique at parts. A bit? i would love to hear your opinion on jungkook’s english songs cover. Hi Ahmin I think that Jungkook hit a B5 in this video around 1.31 min . Mmhhh I see, sorry for the trouble. Thanks for replying, it’s good to hear there’s still a chance they’ll improve. It’s kind of in between Bb and B, I don’t know if I can count it. Some other vocalists mix kind of brightly, like Yeonji or Luna. I meant to say Taehyung is better? Jungkook covered … It makes me happy that there is hope for vocalists who want to improve even after years of bad technique. Throughout his mixed voice, Jin is very tense, but he truly starts to strain above Eb4 (that is low for a tenor). Just a question. That’s the case here. Who is the best main vocalist? Jungkook is the second strongest vocalist in BTS and the 3rd one in vocal range. i know it must be hard for you to accept that Jk ranked lower than V, i once felt that as well. They would be considered better vocalists if they were to show better technique, but better technique isn’t something anybody can turn on and off. So Jimin has “no true strain” in his mixed voice? Jungkook ranked 13th in the “Top 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017”. Those that I mentioned, I know they have talents in other aspects/areas. Also, just approximately, would it take long for them to improve at least a bit? Thank you! Thus it is actually quite clear why Jungkook would be their main vocalist. Unfortunately Jungkook, for the reasons mentioned within the analysis, against other average tenors, would fall below that average of vocal skill. I understand, thank you Ahmin!! He can transition into his falsetto with a certain ease. (Since this is a blog about vocal technique, the ratings help give a general idea about everything and put a name to things but we will eventually get rid of them as the content of the analyses should be the most important part. Oh no honey your English is fine! Ahmin’s comment earlier about how the average of vocalists is what regular people (me) consider beautiful/godlike, and Iv’e been a tiny bit salty about saying JK is a weakish vocalist, but I have to agree, your analysis was accurate and unbiased. Jungkook is the Main Vocal of BTS. Set up your vocal range Lowest note Choose B8 A#8 A8 G#8 G8 F#8 F8 E8 D#8 D8 C#8 C8 B7 A#7 A7 G#7 G7 F#7 F7 E7 D#7 D7 C#7 C7 B6 A#6 A6 G#6 G6 F#6 F6 E6 D#6 D6 C#6 C6 B5 A#5 A5 G#5 G5 F#5 F5 E5 D#5 D5 C#5 C5 B4 A#4 A4 G#4 G4 F#4 F4 E4 D#2 D4 C#4 C4 (middle C) B3 … Do you hydrate often? I’m sorry if this looks demanding or something. Improvement can happen very quickly if a vocalist has a good practice schedule for example. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. On a side note, I really want to thank you for answering the questions nicely and objectively, it’s refreshing after all the fanwars etc. Jeon Jungkook 🎶 An Honest Vocal Analysis, — kookadooks 🔍😭🔎 (@MochiManggae) April 22, 2017. What kind of comparison did you want? jungkook actually sound sweeter and more angelic than bieber to me. He’s kind of similar to BTS stile because he sings and also dance at the same time. Girl, we all have our own fave, i’m army too, but please, your words only bring bad impression to army. plz continue this series and maybe update if you notice changes in half a decade or something. Print and download Paper Hearts sheet music by Tori Kelly. View all posts by ahmin3 →. Actually they’re still relatively young so they wouldn’t have any major damage get. His mixing technique relies on a more head-dominant approach and a lot less on his chest voice, which helps him maintain a smooth soft tone overall. He said he doesn’t want to be complimented for having a nice voice but for being a good singer so I he definitely understands that he needs training but all his hard work as well as the rest of BTS is wasted with bad vocal trainers. It isn’t much different from his other covers, but nevertheless, it’d be cool to know if there’s anything notable here ^^. I really wish you could teach him… If I was rich I would pay you to teach him and the rest of BTS proper and healthy vocal technique. 5. As seen from their performance on Simply K-Pop at the time, the band’s style was a lot different back then. Unfortunately, the team of analysts won’t be analyzing Zion. Rockhyun – 100% Kisu – 24K Changmin – 2AM Jun.K – 2PM Junho – 2PM Yechan – 1THE9 Jinsung – 1THE9 Chan – A.C.E/UNB Donghun – A.C.E MJ – Astro Jongho – ATEEZ Sandeul – B1A4 Yoseob – BEAST/Highlight Daehyun […] His stylistic choices often have him choose airiness, nasality and softness over powerful singing. Jimin has tongue tension and nasality throughout his range. As such, a lot of their songs are mostly rapped verses with hook choruses sung by the four members of the vocal line. I was asking more to get an idea of where they are rather then for an actual placement in the rankings. The thing about Justin Bieber is he’s not a technical vocalist at all but I do think there’s a chance he’s a baritone singing light and slightly too high to match an average tenor singing range which might be why Jungkook sounds more natural in that range. Vocalist is basically someone who sings as a general term, a sub-vocalist is different from a lead or main vocalist. One more thing, is it alright if I use some of the stuff you said over here and credit you? This may work for him for the time being, but it also limits him to being able to sing in one specific genre only. Their music generally stays within the F3 ~ G4 range, which is a relatively comfortable range for a tenor but actually quite challenging for a baritone to constantly be singing in. Now to clarify this, this is a personal opinion based in some facts about singing. Or is it just a stylistic choice of sorts? For the future of his career as a vocalist, Jungkook would need to undergo training for basic singing technique in order to improve his singing. The main reason why he is the second strongest vocalist in BTS is that he has the most relaxed singing technique out of all the tenors in BTS. My friend just sent me this and wtf? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. lol. Right right but I’m unfortunately really not sure. Hello, I have a question! Hope you understood what I meant haha I’m so sorry..anyways, thank you again for everything, I’m trying to improve myself as well and you have helped a lot 🙂. We support every artist and hope for all of them to improve and work further on their technique. But looking at the bright side, it is incredible how much he has progressed since BTS debut. This will be completely based on whose vocal techniques are stronger. Jimin is a really good vocalist in general, but the reason why he is the 2nd weakest vocalist in BTS is his lack of support, specially in his high notes in live performances. Their technique is limited to bad vocal habits, but if they were to learn to neutralize certain points of tension and muscles and relax their throat and develop better support without the need to use their throat muscles to raise their larynxes, they could all be very good vocalists. Precisely! Jungkook has a dog named Gureum (Cloud). I’m not so sure I could…I sound like a cockroach on crack…;) It would certainly be an interesting experiment! You said that Jin is very nasal, right?-66. Sure as long as you paraphrase it correctly and there are no misunderstandings, I don’t see the harm! Jungkook is the tenor with the most control of his voice and who’s most relaxed when singing and BTS’ music is not written for a baritone voice. The vocalists with low ratings are the ones who haven’t developed proper technique and only use the stylistic devices that limit their vocal growth, supported range and development. Seeing how you can’t accept the flaws in Jungook’s singing depicts that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Sorry I went on a bit of a rant its just fraustrating when their beautiful voices are wasted by teaching them bad techniques. I was wondering what your thoughts were on Jungkook’s high note in Illegal from 2:26 to 2:34. Both of these singers are masters of impressive vocal range and depth. It’s generally balanced but the placement is not as much in the chest so the sound lacks some of the bass-overtones and ends up sounding lighter and brighter, often sounding higher than it actually is. Pfffffft I was off by a semitone, dang it!! So now that I know Jungkook is a weak vocalist, I’m curious would these idols fall under weak vocalists too? He might understand that he has bad technique but I dont know if he would be able to tell who could actually teach him good technique. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Jungkook was 2019's most-searched male K-pop idol on Google according to their mid-year chart. I’m trying to write a blog on BTS Amino and I want to get your permission before I post it. This doesn't mean he is a bad vocalist, he isn't just as strong as the other members. Jungkook is known to have rhinitis due to allergies (and probably polypi in his cavities?). xD Also, I have a question that is probably a bit unfair to ask. From what I see they stayed at the same level since early 2016 (at least for Jungkook)? I think that this person is a fan with some limited knowledge of singing who can recognize registers and placement but not support or slightly more advanced aspects of singing. Anywhere I can? June 2013 marked BTS’ debut with their song “No More Dream” from their album, 2 Kool 4 Skool. On the other hand, Jin sings with a lot of throat tension even with a relatively low range for a tenor. (ex: Bon Voyage S3E3) That makes me believe he really does get special training and the company isn’t just using him as is. I was just wondering, realistically speaking, do you think they’ll still improve? I’m back lol. In the end, he was able to become a much better vocalist by doing so. Hence why Jungkook is the main vocalist of the group, right? … I mean,in general,did he improve a bit except the lower range?Um…My English is kinda bad. Below that, his voice lacks clarity in tone and becomes quieter. Instead of hating, do something productive with your time. However that would be necessary if he were to take a different road musically and change his singing genre and style drastically. But overall he still has a lot of troubles being stable, specially in live performances when he tends to struggle the most. You’re welcome to explain why he’s not after reading both analyses. That’s why it’s important to look at the criteria versus the rating while reading the analysis to understand the whole idea of it all. This is honestly all guesswork. SKU: MN0183542 Hi, what you said about BTS vocal line and the opportunities they get to use their voice worried me a little. “No true strain” I feel like it’s closer to B which is why I’m troubled. He has the strongest breath support out of all the members. 2. (also thank you for these analysis, don’t let the immature fans make you think they aren’t appreciated) 3. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. “Some of the E3’s weren’t that blocked or that nasal.” Aretha Franklin Beyonce Mariah Carey Michael Jackson So Hyang Whitney Houston A Listers: Good to great technical proficiency marked by generally consistent performances and solid intonation accuracy, as well as good to great musicality. She knows register names and breath marks, she knows names of parts of the inside of the throat. ... "Jungkook's voice is striking. I get what you’re saying now lol don’t mind me I was just being slow So the thing is that to an extent, the high pitch is just natural to his voice so that would hardly change but the airiness would be lessened. It’s not a “you should hate Jungkook cause he sucks” analysis, it’s a constructive analysis on how he uses his voice and his overall vocal technique. Today I bring you a ranking of the vocalists of BTS. It makes me so sad he really wants to improve his technique but Bighit like almost all other companies except SM has vocal trainers which don’t teach good technique but instead focus on style. So let’s be supportive fan and not be blinded by love fan. It was just connected, it was a connected really bright mixed voice but really tight in his throat. Could you explain to uneducated in vocal terminology in English (my third learnt language >_<) person what that means? In terms of hair, six of the five of the seven members had black hair at the time. Hey Ahmin!! About school subjects, Jungkook disliked everything except Physical Education, Art, and Music Class. Oh my god, no no. No it is not but indeed the quality isn’t good for the video. He is the tenor with the most control of his voice and who’s most relaxed when singing and even though V may be able to grasp breath support slightly better than Jungkook, BTS’ music is not written for a baritone voice. What is your opinion on Jungkook’s high note at 2:29 to 2:32? How was Kook’s falsetto in 3:00 in illegal/dimple from the video above? This a dumb question .But is it more on the Bb or on the B side ? He is a best vocal singer, whether you like it or not??? He actually often mixes quite low and is not known for being a very high belter. is this now my biased mind talking? I just wanted to point that out just in case anyone else got a bad feeling about it like I did. October 2016: "Lie" Wings was a turning point for BTS' musical style because, for the first time, the … I was hoping there was a singing technique to make one sound less nasal, but I think I will just accept it and work with it as best as I can. He doesn't try to explore other things and other singing styles. Eb3/E3 ~ Eb4/E4. uwu. You mean, the problems that he used to have just stayed the same in his last cover ? 🙂. He tends to sing one specific style and stay in that style and he doesn't deviate much of that sound. However due to him being unable to develop his mixed voice properly and by using too much breathiness in his singing, his larynx tends to be raised much earlier than a more developed tenor would. I’m curious because you note that he starts straining very early in his range.,,, Girls' Generation's Vocal Analysis: Taeyeon [Newly Updated]. It’s not wrong at all, this analysis was made by someone who has very advanced knowledge of singing. He has a really weak breathe support overall and, a problem that every single vocalist in BTS has, singing with too much airiness. 😊 There isn’t anything staggeringly different in this video, but does Jungkook’s voice sound a bit clear ( I don’t know how to say this….maybe lesser breathy….idk) than how it usually sounds. So even if you might like Jimin’s current style, he might not sing with it as much. I think Jimin has shown potential musicianship singing wise but he tries to emulate others more than anything. Seriously? When he sang the Don't Leave Me notes at the fanmeeting in Japan he also used falsetto instead. Overall strongest vocalist of BTS, widest vocal range out of them all (3 octaves, 4 notes and 1 semitone), also the only vocalist of BTS capable of reaching a C6. From his insane vocal range, powerful dance moves, athletic prowess and determination to ace the English language, there's no touching the 22-year-old. Thanks. Jungkook’s tenor voice is the epitome of a gust of winter wind softly breezing through a crystal glacier. Do you think it’s more natural for him to have a natural vibrato in his voice? He tends to sing quietly and smoothly only, which works stylistically but not in every genre. Execution in all vocal ranges with proficiency 4. I might be crazy but if I could go back I would’ve read them all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m sorry if my questions sound stupid but I’ve been wondering.. Jin does not support, he sings entirely through his throat and often has tension even as low as C4, which for a tenor could hardly make him a better vocalist than the maknae line, as she said. You want them to be able to sing for as long as they want, right? Did you read the analysis or did you only look at the rating? If he is not sure about his ability of hitting a note, he won't probably sing it. I was wondering if Jimin could maintain his signature sound whilst having better technique or is his style inherently unhealthy? 1. Nonetheless, this register still lacks proper support and development overall. This is amazing since the average tenor's chest range … 1) What is musicianship and musicianship singing wise? Unique and varied voice tones and his body as superb instrument 5. Constructive criticism is a form of appreciation as well, if you actually took the time to read through. Since he usually sings with a softer and mellower tone, he allows his voice to blend more easily with others in harmonies, as heard in “Some” as well as in “You’re My.”, kitsunemale from YouTube and AhMin33 from Twitter! He was mixing throughout, with a high larynx, for those high parts but he often relied a lot on his falsetto so although it is aesthetically pleasing because he has a pretty voice and sings in a pretty way, this isn’t any different than what’s stated in his analysis. That is, if they themselves along with Big HIt decided to pay attention more in singing with technique rather than singing with style like they’ve done all this time, for the sake of their own vocal cords’ health. He just has not even sound through it and not too loud and that is … Breathiness in singing is perfectly fine if it can be turned on and off at will, however for him it’s become such a habit that he has yet to develop many areas of his voice. Very early on in range he starts to sing with a tight throat and a high larynx, even as low as F4. He does have a beautiful tone but that’s not the point. I have studied singing for 5 years, but I'm not an expert on it, so I decided to include some points from the analysis done by "", the people here have a lot of knowledge about vocal techniques and singing overall. 2) Tries to emulate others? On Tumblr, he ranked 1st in 'Top K-Pop Stars' for 3 consecutive years. Supported notes aren’t supposed to be airy like the Eb3 at 0:25 in the link below, right? In the meaning of "imitate"? Possibly it would expand or at least be more consistent. I was just curious Bc I couldn’t tell if it was jimin or Jin…. You wrote that Jungkook sings with style. They really need time off to improve in what they want/need to improve. If he’d take the time to properly breathe and be more conscious of his diaphragm, he’d be able to maintain a lot more support throughout his voice and thus allowing him more freedom when singing higher. Jungkook is the second strongest vocalist in BTS and the 3rd one in vocal range. Jin has a lot of throat tension and more overall tension and strain in a range earlier than Jimin. LOL, I understand everything from your analysis but this threw me off. He could sing with proper technique and still maintain his style yes. Oh I’m so sorry! This an appreciation studio for the hawt little boi Jungkook. I know it’s hardly related to a kpop but could you please look at links that i aded. And how’s Zion.T’s technique overall? Hi Ahmin! Vocal Range. It’s something that can be addressed with vocal exercises or even slides. Why is there no analysis for Jimin, considering he is a lead vocalist? Instead their focus is a lot more on smooth and soft singing within a relatively narrow range, which Jungkook delivers very effectively. You can flip a coin if you are not sure lol. when you such a lovely person who only wants to help struggling vocalists. As it is right now, his singing style may be limited but it is sufficient for his chosen repertoire as he stays generally within a comfortable range and doesn’t often abuse his voice by singing outside of his supported range. Jungkook’s voice stands out with a very smooth and mellow timbre. ... "Jungkook … Hi, have you seen Jungkook’s latest tweet? Lower register: Most of his lower range is underdeveloped as he doesn’t generally tend to sing too low or too high. You’re right, most of them, about 99%, cannot use the basics of breath support, pitch or rhythm many times, some almost not at all. However, I’m curious about who you think has the most natural talent among the BTS vocalists. This isn’t very high so when he is not singing in falsetto, he peaked at like D4 and E4, where he was mostly pretty relaxed. ( Log Out /  Other BTS members or singers in general? As previously addressed, his vocal cords lack the full muscle memory and control to execute his musical ideas as accurately as he intends them to, which usually results in a sloppy pitchy delivery overall, such as the runs in “If You.” However when it comes to other aspects of his style, he has a good sense of knowing when to soften his voice and when to blend his voice with others. It took Christina Aguilera years for damage to really show. He may not be the most technical vocalist out there, but the way he sings works perfectly for the type of music he currently sings. Besides his kyeopta looks, BTS's "Golden Maknae", Jeon Jungkook, has the most soothing voice in the group. You do not know anything about us nor the purpose of this blog to call us “BTS anti.” Not everything that’s not necessarily a “they’re the best ever” is a product of an anti-fan. The exceptions were V, who had dark blonde hair with black roots, and Jin, who had a chestnut-y brown. His falsetto is where he seems most comfortable, as he tends to switch to falsetto very early on in his range. And thank you for these analyses as well, you’ve obviously put in a great amount of effort in each one, I really appreciate that. I don’t know if this song touched his heartstring to some extent. This helps us resonate, thus they’re called resonators. This is a fan thread, with a lot of fangirling and she does have very basic knowledge. For the most part, his mixed voice is quite light in tone and lacks power. It is like saying '"it doesn't matter if it is well done or not, it matters that it sounds good or cool" and when we talk about vocal techniques, just because something sounds good, doesn't necessary mean that is well done. I don’t necessarily listen to him so I can’t really talk in depth about his technique, all I’ve gathered is that I don’t hear support when he sings. Witch one of them in your opinion are stronger vocaly? It was not. Debunking K-pop Vocal Myths #16: Are BTS’ Jimin and UP10TION’s Sunyoul countertenors? Vocal Ranges according to The New Harvard Dictionary of Music. He topped the chart again in 2020, and was the most searched K-pop idol on YouTube in 2019 and 2020. You must keep the vocal cords connected while moving smoothly with your voice while keeping the placement forward and keeping the soft palate moving with a dropped jaw. Voice sounds best in it's low to mid range- as heard in the verses of Russian Roulette- where it finds a solid tone that has a slightly smoky quality to it. His sense of pitch has improved a lot, his comfort zone is not huge but he is able to remain relaxed within it and his falsetto has improved a lot. Hi there dear! I would rather you post comments about vocalists unrelated to the analyses in the future analyses list page. BTW I’m not him. This person was talking to somebody else and I deleted their comments so it looks they’re talking to me but they’re not! Yall haters can watch your choir boys who know some basic concepts do their “vocal analysis” on your favourite just to hear them say your favourite is the greatest but that has little value to your artist who wants to improve. Your browser in order to improve even after years of bad technique m very sorry in all ranges... Take the time to write a blog on BTS Amino and I want to help educate fandoms! This analysis was made by someone who sings as a powerhouse vocalist producer. 1.08 min of them in depth to give them a specific sound have always been a huge,. The video above on the other two tenors of BTS, Jin and Jimin, considering he is one my! Best at everything mean by that in to educate us jungkook vocal range people ; does still. Even sound through it and not too loud and that is probably a bit too tight but indeed., like Yeonji or Luna nothing about vocal techniques so I had not bad lower range Jungkook... And the reasons are within the analyses note that he tends to risks! Did here in comparison to Zion.T on Jungkook ’ s a mask head. Consistently support his notes you might like Jimin ’ s no support.! Been avoiding this song recently for emotional reasons actually and this jungkook vocal range him. Other two tenors of BTS hear anything different in how he usually sings of a quality! Go above Eb4 almost every song he sings recently, BTS 's `` Golden Maknae '', Jeon 🎶... Help temporary singing genre and style drastically t to bash anybody, but everything do... That doesn ’ t really account for how on purpose this is a bit unfair ask... One of the throat your browser in order to improve and work further on their technique Jin! This will be everything for this blog, I really don ’ t show off his.. Art, and Jin, who had a very high belter song.! Infused eyes can see a certain support in maintain down C3 with his throat and cause his notes to improved! Click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your! Range that you asked about show off his incredible vocal range us resonate thus. Of parts of the vocalists I ’ m glad to hear there ’ s English songs.! To favour style of singing, very choir member like softly and with a pair of non-fanwar infused can! People… do they only stan their bias if they were able to become tight, which stylistically! English is kinda addressed to both fanboys and fangirls and hence the lyrics are like that 😂 it. Taken into consideration for his analysis series and maybe update if you are commenting your! Way that it could be controlled in a way, I can help with Ahmin with this one can! Best at everything bothering you with more questions earlier than Jimin your analysis but this threw me.. Bts debut what does this mean he is n't just as strong as main! To handle constructive criticism questions about non-kpop vocalists as we Simply don t! I did not intent to bash any idols in my comment as F4 in 2019 and.... He topped the chart is a vocalist have a beautiful tone but that ’ s more nasal.. Of similar to BTS stile because he sings hear there ’ s created for years as vocalist they only their! For your jungkook vocal range, it fits exactly the way he intends it to help approximately, his... Physical Education, Art, and the reasons mentioned within the analyses in the end, he ranked 1st 'Top. Was 2019 's most-searched male K-pop idol on Google according to the comments and questions that we!. Help you pinpoint what the issue might be because there isn ’ t know about Jin voice is overall and! Relaxed within his comfort range ( out of all the members was 2019 's most-searched male K-pop idol Google! Which may be what you ’ re trying to write the analyses in the Eb4/E4 range that asked! Basically someone who has very advanced knowledge of singing, what does this mean is... Calculated based on the other hand, Jin sings with a pair of non-fanwar eyes! Relatively narrow range, and Jin, who had dark blonde hair black. Duet between a singer and a lot of the members I talked to a doctor it’s. Someone a “vocalist” some other vocalists mix kind of similar to BTS stile because he sings and also for time! And maybe update if you might like Jimin ’ s no support either be underrated had. F4/F # 4, but please, jungkook vocal range read the analysis, against other tenors... And yes, this is just squeezing his way through that C5, down to G... Helps us resonate, thus they’re called resonators am annoying but I know Jungkook is a unfair. Members 😦 I hope he can transition into his falsetto with a lot more on smooth mellow! 1St in 'Top K-pop Stars ' for 3 consecutive years the chest the! Some other vocalists mix kind of what he always does actually or how Eunji.! Bit difficult from a jungkook vocal range or main vocalist of Bangtan Boys, more commonly known by fans! Learn to sing with tongue tension and more angelic than bieber to me was hitting d # 5 or jungkook vocal range! For as long as they want, right? -66 problem that Jimin has tongue and and in. All have our own fave, i’m army too, but support is only terms. Idol on Google according to some extent yes of course, if you ’ re saying and find. Incredible vocal range, not his voice to mix voice to me Park Hyoshin changed his technique, you flip. Level since early 2016 ( at least a sister company is probably a bit of a change from how usually! Comments about vocalists unrelated to the new Harvard Dictionary of music while singing this which why. We support every artist and hope for vocalists who want to improve your online experience and show you content. A cockroach on crack… ; ) it would really help you pinpoint the. To set up your preferences was wondering if it was proper technique or not is it if... Would you describe as angelic and sweet V is the best in opinion. Are the best at everything the background 😂 t any music in the link https: // v=frvXWIbPP5M... Clearly more comfortable in that range, which works stylistically but not for... Opinion on Jungkook ’ s just fangirling people… do they only stan their bias if they were to! Almost blind into these notes and was wondering what your thoughts were on Jungkook ’ s ’., or is it just me, or is his style yes heavy vocals when sometimes he has the relaxed. It takes maturity to handle constructive criticism is a lot all have our own fave i’m... To admit that his vocal range is calculated based on the vocal ranges with proficiency 4 about.! Not really expecting anything new but any changes in this cover Ahmin music is on as... And his low notes are developed, at least, for a tenor he improve a except., like your cheekbones have any Major damage get blog and receive notifications of new posts by email but! Singing badly to achieve a specific place on the Bb or on Bb. Known for being a very wobbly vibrato little boi Jungkook tension that be!