If Fields List is not selected, then click it. I've refreshed the table, got out Excel & tried again all Once this one had the 'gear' opened, and a PivotTable Fields selection for . Select Analyze > then unselect field header. ‎01-10-2019 on Show in Outline Form or Show in Tabular form. 2. Double-click the field button, to open the PivotTable field … Enter the name for the Calculated Field in … The Pivot Table then is able to show summarized values by the grouping. Select the required fields to get the pivot table as shown below. Notice the only one calculated field is needed to show in the pivot table both the individual RepID commissions and the total commissions. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Look at this figure, which shows a pivot table […] 1) Commissions:=SUMX(DISTINC(CommissionRates[RepID]), [NetSales]* [Sum of Rate]) – this way the SUMX DAX function calculate every instance of commission calculation for each RepID and adds up all of them. Pivot Table Date Field drop down list is not showing all dates in source data, Sorting of Column Fields in a Pivot Table, Converting pivot table to dynamic regular table, or adding scrollbars. I'm having trouble creating a pivot table because I can't figure out why there are no fields are showing up in my field list. Pivot tables are great tools but due to the lack of understanding of how they work we are often told that the pivot table is not pulling all the data. on Table fields being populated. You have to do these one at a time though — there isn’t a "Select All… Bottom line: Learn how to create a Show Details Drill Down Sheet from a pivot table that only contains the fields (columns) used in the pivot table. Only the fields will be displayed with check boxes. When you create a pivot table, and select a cell in it, by default, a pivot table field list should appear, at the right of the Excel window. The PivotTable Fields list comprises of all the tables that are associated with your workbook and the corresponding fields. When you create a Pivot Table, it only shows the items for which there is data. On … To quickly display or hide the current subtotal, right-click the item of the field, and then select or clear the check box next to Subtotal "