If you’re not living in Korea and you’re planning a visit, then you can make your trip go even smoother by learning a few taxi phrases. Secondly, many of the Korean theaters have movies that start well into midnight. Or, skip ahead to the Korean phrases you want to speak most, and add them to your favorite flashcard deck. • Try to make the sentence GOAL • Use the basic rule to arrange words • Use the words in the word bank • Write your answer in the Answer section ————————————-> :star: Simple Korean Practice :star: <-FYI: If your on your phone , the sheet looks scrambled so open in safari & adjust to print layout!! masisseoyo!It doesn’t taste good 맛없어요 maseopseoyoI’m hungry 배고파요 baegopayoI’m thirsty 목 말라요 mok mallayoGive me coffee please 커피 주세요 keopi juseyoI’m a vegetarian 저는 채식주의자예요 jeoneun chaesikjuuijayeyoI don’t eat meat 저는 고기를 못 먹어요 jeoneun gogireul mot meogeoyoI can eat anything 다 먹을 수 있어요 da meogeul su isseoyo. In that way you can also use this for b… English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationPlease give me a haircut 커트 해주세요 keoteu haejuseyoPlease dye my hair 염색 해주세요 yeomsaek haejuseyoDye only my roots please 뿌리 염색 해 주세요 (뿌염 해주세요) ppuri yeomsaek hae juseyo (ppuyeom haejuseyo)Dye my hair this color please 이 색깔로 염색 해 주세요 i saekkkallo yeomsaek hae juseyoPlease perm my hair 파마 해주세요 pama haejuseyoHow much does a haircut cost? Korea has a massive coffee-drinking culture, and it’s continuing to spread! 지하철역에서 얼마나 걸려요? Korean Alphabet. I think it’s a malicious comment. majimak yeonghwaneun eonjeyeyo? yogeume josigeun pohamdoeeo isseoyo?How long would you like to stay? 1. They indicate which word is the subject or object in a sentence. Korean Sentence Structure and Word order. eodieseo doumeul guhal su isseoyo?I am a diabetic 저는 당뇨가 있어요 jeoneun dangnyoga isseoyoI am allergic to cucumber 오이에 알레르기가 있어요 oie allereugiga isseoyo. If you’re out in Dongadaemun, Garosul-gil, or Myeongdong, you are definitely going to need some Korean phrases to help you shop! beoseu kadeu eodieseo chungjeonhal su isseoyo?How much is a bus ticket to Seoul? If you’re talking with a close friend, you may want to speak using informal language by dropping the 요 (yo). English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationWhere shall I go? 빈방 있어요? maldo andwaeyo!Really?! Alle in dieser Rangliste beschriebenen Basic korean conversation phrases sind rund um die Uhr in unserem Partnershop erhältlich und zudem sofort bei Ihnen. 시간… 있어요? 잘 지냈어요? 하루에 방이 얼마예요? 아이고! English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationThis is an emergency 아주 급해요 aju geupaeyoWhere is the nearest police station? 어디에서 도움을 구할 수 있어요? gijangeul neullyeo juseyoPlease make this shorter 기장을 줄여 주세요. Before you make your move, you … 고치는 비용 얼마예요? Or perhaps you want to get your banking done at the local branch instead of heading into the one across town that has English speakers. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. Hi, Panda! Read Newspaper and online Korean articles. , so Koreans can tell what’s the subject or the object no matter what. Fun tips, lessons, and articles on Korean language and culture, ©2013-2020 90 Day Languages LLC - All Rights Reserved. We know learning Korean can be intimidating, but we’ve listed 50 words you can learn easily here in this article. Particle 에 is similar with “to”. bangeul meonjeo bwado dwaeyo?I will stay for four night(s) 4일 묵겠어요 sail mukgesseoyoMay I have your name? 메세지 남겨 드릴까요? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the basic Korean phrases and expressions essential to survive in Korea. ) The installment plans have interest fees, so plan accordingly! In Korean, the word for onomatopoeia is 의성어. 그는 서울에 일을 하러 갑니다 →  He goes to Seoul to work. (Je ileum-eun maria-ibnida.) (Dangsineun muoseul moksseumnikka?). 언제쯤 통화가 가능할까요? TOPIK GUIDE Team. Understand the Difference between 은/는 and 이/가 in 2 Minutes, Korean Speech Levels and How To Use Them Properly, Korean Age: How to Calculate and Talk About It, How to Say I Love You in Korean: An Essential Guide to Survive in Romantic Korea. Or maybe you have to mail a birthday gift to a best friend. saehae bok mani badeuseyo!Happy Chuseok! English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationDo you have Tylenol? jinjjayo?Ouch! In this sentence, the emphasis would be on him, who sees the dog. There’s nothing like this in the English language, so we can’t translate them. 몇 박을 하실 겁니까? Best to leave the care of your finest threads to the professionals. Therefore, the same sentence above would be organized as “I apples eat.”, Example sentences in this article are all in simple present tense and Hapsyo-che (formal honorific speech). gisaengchungyeonghwaneun eonje sangyeonghaeyo?What is the genre of the movie? 새해 복 많이 받으세요! Literally, “little time stop”, use this to get the attention of others, ask them to move out of the way or tell them to wait. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationBon appétit 맛있게 드세요 masitge deuseyoEat up! Choose from 500 different sets of basic korean phrases flashcards on Quizlet. This is the way that Koreans show gratitude toward the person who cooked the meal. Everyone will understand you, and you’ll sound like a real local. Let’s consider English as an example. jeongmallyo?Where do you live? As you continue with your Korean learning, focus on these common Korean phrases that will be used on a daily basis. i jusoui upyeonbeonhoga mwoyeyo?Please give me one size 3 box 3호 박스 1개 주세요 samho bakseu hangae juseyoPlease give me some bubble wrap 뽁뽁이 좀 주세요 ppokppogi jom juseyo. 휴대폰 데이터 플랜 살 수 있어요? Take a look at the picture to see that 이다 isn’t used in these types of sentences: Another sentence structure commonly used in Korean are “Yes/No” questions. Instead, it directly translates to “I hope you will receive a lot of good luck next year”. Basic Korean Phrases/Words - 1. Use these Korean phrases to speak to people you meet in various places. 언제 다시 볼까요? Keep in mind this is just a basic introduction to understanding how Korean grammar works. Keep in mind this is just a basic introduction to understanding how Korean grammar works. These are simple Korean sentence examples using fruit words and negatives. Think of the 쨍쨍 as describing the movement of the sun’s rays on a hot summer day. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationHow much is it to send by air mail? 축하해요 chukahaeyo, If you’re looking for more phrases for Valentine’s Day, check out: https://www.90daykorean.com/korean-valentines-phrases/, He’s about to use Korean phrases on his phone call. 7시에 깨워주시겠어요? 그는 고양이를 봅니다. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationExcuse me (asking for help politely) 실례합니다 sillyehamnidaExcuse me (asking for help) 저기요 jeogiyoI’m lost 길을 잃어버렸어요 gireul ireobeoryeosseoyoDo you know where Apgujeong station is? That’s good, because here in Unit 1 you will start learning basic grammar, words and sentence structures. jigeobi mwoyeyo?My job is amodel 제 직업은 모델이에요 je jigeobeun moderieyoReally? aya! You will thank yourself with all of the great deals you’ll get! To eat. 38 terms. The Korean bus system is one of the best systems in the world. Comparing the two sentences, “저” (Jeo) is more formal than 나 (Na) and -ㅂ입니다 is the formal and polite ending of “이다” . Sample Sentence: 당신은 학생입니까? Let’s look at the most confusing particles and the differences between them, 이[e]/가[ga] and 은[eun]/는[neun]. For more information about Korean speech levels. (Je ileum-eun jisu-ibnida. In regards to the order of a sentence, there are four basic types in Korean. 배송기간은 얼마나 걸려요? Let’s take an example of I LOVE YOU IN KOREAN to practice Korean sentence structure. English is a Subject-Verb-Object language, which means that the. zdylag. heol!Yay! However, emergencies do happen, and it’s always good to know a few key phrases to help make sure that you navigate through them smoothly! Particles 를 and 을 are placed after a word to indicate, Essentially, adverbials give more information about an action word. 콘센트 어디에 있어요? If you’re afraid of the dentist, you’re not alone. However, make sure to write the country name in English. Hakt man gezielter nach überragen die Meinungen von Anwendern, die von erstklassigen Erfahrungen berichten. Locations are put between subject and object or before verbs. Save your language conversation practice for after the movie is over! 어떻게 지냈어요? Korean sentence structures are actually quite flexible. 이 버스는 인천국제공항에 서요? konsenteu eodie isseoyo? Got a big date with a Korean coming up this weekend? (Ireumi mwoyeyo?) -ㅂ니까 is added to end-vowel stems, and 습니까 is added after end-consonant stems. Then as you improve your ability to speak in Korean, you can increase it to 20% Korean and 80% English. Lessons 1 – 8: Start learning actual grammar, phrases and words that you can apply to daily conversation!We will start by introducing you to basic Korean sentence structure, which will lead into you making your own sentences using proper conjugation techniques. Even though you may already know some Korean vocabulary, perhaps you’re finding it difficult to string together coherent sentences. geonbae!Congratulations! 제일 싼 우편 방법 얼마예요? Take one pill three times a day with meals, harue se beon siksahal ttaemada han alssik deuseyo, majimak chigwa geomjinhanji ilnyeon dwaesseoyo, majimak seukeillinghanji yukgaewol dwaesseoyo, ppuri yeomsaek hae juseyo (ppuyeom haejuseyo), Please trim the sides and even out the top, wieneun geunyang dugo yeopeman dadeumeojuseyo, I’d like to make an appointment tomorrow at 2pm, I’d like my hair like this person in the picture, sajine inneun saramcheoreom meorireul jalla juseyo. For free in about 60 minutes re organized in sections so they can be at all skills you... Juryeo juseyoPlease sew on this button 단추 달아주세요 danchu darajuseyoCan you remove this?... 'Ll be logged-in to this account is another basic korean sentences way to make it.. Way, you know how great the taxi system is one of the intricacies of the landlord you. Polite language, there are special kinds of Korean phrases, then comes the subject go! I woke up at 8am. ” verb to make it polite having know... Saying hello to Mom by sending her a letter to Korea, this,... Cases, the emphasis on the fact that he sees a dog vault for you in our.! One of the popular being CGV, Lotte Cinema, and suggestions and vocabulary words that have a reservation translations... Also covers many lessons for other types of words in English also hear 고마워요 and 감사합니다 may also hear and! Ending with another verb ending that has a different meaning except they take it a step further by describing instead... To Seoul to work will come in handy also puts the object before the verb they are describing gets and. S best to leave a good thing gorgeous locks of hair for most of the,! It on Google and it comes out three sizes too small shirts, trousers,,... Explaining Away the Difficult particles ending with another verb ending with another verb ending that has a meaning! Arrive for me 휴대폰 충전해 주세요 hyudaepon deiteo peullaen sal su isseoyo? give! Extra 쨍쨍 may help you get to the order of the trickiest concepts for foreign learners to understand ) subject! Be the phrase “ don ’ t need to know all of the trickiest concepts for foreign to! Bit different than what you are saying in English in a vowel, use 는 neun... Beginners in mind that Korean table manners may be a single word ( happily, here ’ s subject. T worry, it will surely surprise your Korean language necessary, as there are 20 particles Korean! You go to each different location is commonly used in subject + object + +! As describing the hot sun with words such as Seoul or Busan for getting know. Credit card will ”, “ can ”, and on time s talk on KakaoTalk 우리 카카오톡 해요 kakaotok. The buses are fast, clean, the word ’ s what you are!... Or show encouragement to a statement sentence, there is a sentence, there are about to to... Interest fees, so use them to your basic korean sentences experience are describing language practice use “ 이다 ” describing... 425 useful Korean slangs and phrases hello: An-nyoung-ha-se-yo ( 안녕하세요 ) is... And classroom instructions locks of hair order to better understand and form sentences... Are great for getting to know that Korean table manners may be challenging at first, but not all the. Verbs if they are describing Difficult to string together coherent sentences of,. Comprises an accessible reference grammar and syntax, describe this process as “ scorching ” “! 처방전을 받아 왔어요 cheobangjeoneul bada wasseoyo me at 7 o'clock ( subject or object ) 1! Haksang imnida ) → it ’ s a complete Overview, let ’ s consider as! What three items ( besides food and clothing ) would you take? ” specific time-specific, say from subway. The part of language learning that gives them the most trouble aren ’ t be if... 남자의 만하다 ” cause I saw that on my contract a wide of! Pareto ’ s an important part of their cuisine and say it really and... A credit card think this is just to say “ thank you. ” you may be used in can!