There, they find that Shikamaru and his son, Shikadai, are competing, as are Sai and Inojin Yamanaka. Sasuke recognises Chōchō from the last time he was in Konoha, but it takes him a while to identify Chōji because of how skinny Chōji now is; he starts to point out that Chōji used to be "fat", but Kakashi stops him by shoving potato chips in his mouth. An adult character continually tries to seduce younger students by kissing and touching them, though … Shino misunderstands Sasuke's intention and takes the question literally. The day before the “Parent and Child Day”, the Village Hidden in the Leaves where everyone was enlivened. Chapter 2: Father and daughter, the forms of happiness. There's of course his students, but adults, too: other teachers, his superiors, even parents. He is soon recognised by his daughter, Sarada. Although these novels were meant to expand on parent-child relationships (they were supposed to be written in that theme, so technically, Naruto Shinden is the only one that is about what it was … Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Manga Continuity) is an ongoing anime series that started in 2017. On Parent and Child Day, Chōji and Chōchō arrive at the stadium where the competition will take place. Chōchō tries fending them off, but they're so soft and sticky that her punches get caught in them. The night before Parent and Child Day, Chōji Akimichi lies on his couch watching television. Naruto leaves Himawari in Kiba's care and gives chase. Sasuke Shinden takes place after Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom and is about Sasuke’s travels to find out more about Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. There was a scent he missed coming from somewhere. Since Kiba still intends to let Himawari have the doll, Naruto reminds Kiba that he wanted to get the doll to surprise Tamaki. Changing tactics, he puts his cloak on her, which is supposed to be a surefire way to make a girl fall in love. He asks about Naruto, to which Hinata replies that he's so busy that he's rarely home. Naruto Shinden – Parent and Child Day. The morning before Parent and Child Day, Hinata receives word that her father, Hiashi HyÅ«ga, has fallen ill. After all, eating alone is, at the end of the day, meaningless. Nearby, the owner of Ankorodō, a former kunoichi, secretly uses her Earth Release to cause the sugar in the dumplings to expand, preventing anyone from being able to finish their plate and thus ensuring she won't need to give the grand prize to anyone. The growing population of Konohagakure's "new" sector – the skyscrapers above the Hokage Rock – are ordinary people who aren't accustomed to the seven day workweek typical to shinobi. Both correct her: she is Chōchō's mother and Chōji's wife. Hanabi points out that the rarest cards are former Hokage or Sannin, so he'll need to do something of their calibre. The thief sends his son back inside and explains that he's been away from home for so long and that, during one of his rare visits home, his son asked for a Kurama doll. Before he departs, Chōza reminds Chōji of two more things: first, Chōza is not dead, and so Chōji should come visit him more often; secondly, in addition to being kind, Chōji has one other power. One change he's pretty confident about is that his house is missing. With Himawari and Boruto now placated, Naruto sits down and tries to soothe the day's third wounded spirit: Kurama. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals, Ankorodō Hiden Ninjutsu: Mochi Release: Infinite Dumplings,, This is the article on the novel. Kiba, Akamaru, and Akemaru try cheering up Himawari without success. When he finds her, she apologises for walking away before, and he responds by calling her "Peanut", a pet name one of the book's characters uses. He jokes to himself that he's turning into Chōji Akimichi when he suddenly spots Chōji across the street, slimmer than Shino has ever seen him before. The village of Konohagakure has established a new holiday, Family Day. Sarada informs him that she hates tomatoes. Himawari replies that she would rather have the Shukaku doll, as it's the one that her father bought for her at great difficulty. She confronts Chōji about this, and he replies simply that he'd gotten tired of potato chips. As they walk, Chōji processes what Chōchō said. Himawari explains that the Kurama doll can be taken care of and fed, just like a baby. Under questioning, Hanabi explains that Hiashi's body has simply deteriorated too much to continue on. While passing through the area, Sasuke Uchiha decides to stop by Konoha. Given the awkwardness he observed between Sasuke and Sarada earlier, Kakashi believes Sasuke will need help. Desperate to do this one thing for his son, he searched all over the village for a Kurama doll, but couldn't find any and in a moment of desperation stole the doll that Kiba bought. A 15 year old boy who recently moved to Japan by his parents to live with his mother's brother. As they make unflattering comments about Chōji's behaviour, Karui notices that somebody has eaten the food she bought for tomorrow's breakfast. Read all Naruto Shinden chapters on Full Novels. He walks back to her and moves his fingertips towards her forehead. She thinks that he's joking, but her smile vanishes when she realises that he's serious. Sarada explains that Sakura accidentally destroyed their house a while back and that they've been … As Hanabi lies in the hot spring, disappointed, Hinata reveals that she and Naruto stayed at this very inn during their honeymoon. The Boruto anime series and manga series share … Every year, Ramen Ichiraku, Lightning Burger, Yakiniku Q, and Ankorodō jointly sponsor the year's eating competition, taking turns to award a prize to the best eater; this year, it's Ankorodō's turn. For the episode of the same name, head to Parent and Child Day (episode). NarHina — Naruto Shinden Spoilers (Sunshine Family) 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Meanwhile, the kikaichÅ« become impatient for their own food and start consuming Shino's chakra, causing him to faint. Since all of the proposed holidays promote spending time together, Naruto happily approves each one. As they enjoy themselves, they discuss their childhood, when both of them trained constantly and Hiashi seemed burdened by the need to protect the clan and the village. Chōji is overjoyed to see his father again and begins telling him about everything that's happened in his life: Karui, Chōchō, and having a family of his own. Find great deals for Naruto Shinden Parent And Child Day. KÅ«i is not intimidated by any of the other competitors except for Chōji, who has defeated KÅ«i in several prior eating contests. He originally bought it to better understand his Academy students' interests, but has since become attached to it, imagining that his stuffed Kurama is better than the actual Kurama. Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher's Star Pupil, written by Jun Esaka. In a moment of desperation, Chōchō wraps the remainder of Yakiniku Q's steamed meat in lettuce, tempting Chōji into eating it by saying that it's a vegetable. #translations #naruto #naruto shinden #naruto shinden translation #naruto novels #boruto #Naruto Uzumaki #naruto shinden prologue. She reassures him that Sarada is merely at a rebellious age and that she doesn't know how to deal with the complicated relationship she has with her father. … Kakashi starts making other suggestions, but then notices Chōji and Chōchō Akimichi approaching, eating potato chips. One day when he got out of school, he wanted to look … Hinata denies this latter claim and quickly defeats Hanabi. Sarada smiles; she is happy from Sasuke's acknowledgement, just as Sasuke was once happy to receive his own father's. Hinata, fearful that her home will soon be filled with pinks objects, tells Hiashi that Boruto's preference for pink probably only applies to pants. This was supposed to be a day where he could sit back and relax. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Because tomorrow is Parent and Child Day, there are very few people staying at the inn, giving Hinata and Hanabi exclusive use of the hot springs. He follows her gaze and sees that she's looking at Naruto, running from store to store with Himawari riding happily on his back. Afterwards, survivors of the dumpling incident are pleased that Ankorodō's owner has been taken into custody, believing that no prison sentence is too long for her. Kakashi: Aiya, it’s obvious that you two are blood related. Sasuke throws his own shuriken, knocking hers back towards the target. With Himawari riding on his back, Naruto runs from store to store to see if they have any Kurama dolls. Naruto was on the living room sofa, dozing off, as he listens to Himawari’s cheerful voice. Karui comes to her rescue, neutralising the dumplings' Earth Release with her Lightning Release, but even she is overwhelmed. Edit . Because of how late it's gotten, Hinata and Hanabi decide they should spend the night at one of the hot springs; Hinata still wants to head home, but Hanabi convinces her to trust Boruto and Himawari to look after themselves. Shikamaru reports that his own experiences weren't much better, as he had two near-death experiences: first, he was nearly killed by giant dumplings, and then he was nearly killed by Temari for losing an eating contest. Both Chōchō and Chōji are shocked at the news that gluttony is not what won Karui's heart. Naruto feels guilty not only for not returning when he said he would, thus failing Hinata, but also for leaving his children without any source of dinner. After removing the thief's hood, Naruto recognises him as a genin who's supposed to be on a mission to the Land of Fire's border. As her anguish reaches its breaking point, Hanabi asks Hinata why she didn't bring Himawari and Boruto. Hiashi becomes sad again. When he sees Hiashi HyÅ«ga at a small candy shop, Shino is surprised, as members of the HyÅ«ga clan are supposed to be too regal and upstanding to ever visit such a store in person. The voice of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, resounded in the chaotic office of the Hokage, which was crammed with cardboard boxes and half-opened parchments. Now realising the purpose of the holiday, Shino looks at his bags of food and ponders sharing them with his father. Enraged, Karui storms out of the house, needing to buy food for breakfast yet again. The owner of Lightning Burger apologises, flips a light switch, and resumes planning Konoha's annual eating contest. Despite searching every store, Naruto and Himawari aren't able to find a single Kurama doll. Naruto promises to search all of Konoha for a Kurama doll with his hundreds of shadow clones. padmehime liked this . Naruto has no objection to a holiday, nor does he feel it needs a special name, so he approves the creation of "Parent and Child Day". Naruto Shinden just feels very different from the other two. When he opens the window, he hears the crowd demanding holidays for all the people who couldn't participate in Parent and Child Day: "Husband and Wife Day", "Older and Younger Sister Day", "Alone Day"; Kiba Inuzuka advocates for a "Dog Day", which Naruto tries to ignore; Chōza Akimichi wants a "Grandparent and Grandchild Day", and Naruto spots Hiashi (hiding behind Chōza) shouting support. 3 octubre, 2016. Chōji suggests it's his kindness, which Chōchō thinks is too ordinary to be the reason. Keep reading. When she notices a poster advertising the eating competition, she realises what the answer is: Chōji's greatest skill, the one asset he has that sets him apart from everyone else, is his gluttonous appetite. I usually keep my translations as close to I usually keep my translations as close to the original as possible (so that you get the original author’s style as well), but this time I tried to use a somewhat-loose translation in some points, because the way Miyamoto writes is irksome and I don’t like it one bit. The Lee, the Yamanaka, and the Nara all try to wrangle the dumplings, but the rigours of the contest have weakened them substantially. Although the store hasn't opened yet, there are already hundreds of people gathering outside, all of them seemingly planning to buy a Kurama doll. This isn’t a translation, it is just the impressions I had when trying to read the second chapter of the novel that I bought (I didn’t ask a translator to translate the novel). Hanabi suggests that he do exactly that: give them their favourite foods; they'll enjoy eating the food at the time, and Hinata won't need to worry about finding room for the food afterwards. Naruto Shinden received an anime adaptation for the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime on February 10, 2019 and covered episodes 93 to 95. A young Naruto fan had a difficult life- been hated by his old high school due to his actions and his parents see him a disgrace. Guessing that Sarada wants to be like Himawari, Sasuke kneels down, positions his hands to support her legs, and waits for her to get on his back. Sorry, no reviews have been added yet. Using directions given to him by Kakashi, Sasuke locates his family's apartment. Sasuke points out that Kakashi has no children and so couldn't be of much help. by Mirei Miyamoto. Judging by her clothes, he guesses that her favourite colour is red and so suggests getting her a tomato. See more ideas about naruto, ino and sai, naruto couples. Naruto Shinden Pages 13-21 Translation. As was reported, the mists are incredibly thick, and without the Byakugan it would be impossible for them to see where they're going. Uzumaki Hinata passed though the gate of the HyÅ«ga main house, her parents’ home, in a hurry. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But when Hanabi shows him his card, he is devastated to discover that it's only a rare card, and not a super rare or extremely super rare card as he expected. Boruto denies this, but Naruto notices him holding a leaflet from Ninja Tools Roll Roll Roll. Add an item . If, at any point, a competitor vomits, they and their partner will be disqualified; hearing about vomiting causes Metal Lee to vomit again, leading him and his father to be disqualified before the competition even begins. The generations of Naruto and Boruto are coming together in the current 'Parent and Child Day' arc that's running through the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. Chōza shares his regret that he couldn't enter the eating competition with Chōji, as he believes their parent-and-child team could have triumphed. Sai believes that Shikamaru has a much harsher punishment in mind for her: having to provide unlimited free dumplings to Chōji and his family. This irritates Kiba and he changes the subject: the Kurama doll is in limited supply and this particular toy store is expected to only have twenty in stock, not nearly enough for everyone. This is news to Sasuke. Even Sasuke makes time to do something … He considers approaching her and asking about rumours that she once defeated Naruto, but decides against it when he notices how much fun Karui is having eating with her family. As a child, he had eyes only for his older brother, Itachi, who he so dearly wanted to emulate. Despite the pain in his back, Hiashi successfully knocks out his target. In the morning, Hinata, Hanabi, and Hiashi walk back to Konoha. Shikamaru tells them about a mission that has just come in: in the Konoha Hot Springs district, a thief has stolen some explosives used for excavation and is hiding in the thick mists. Chōchō asks if he's ever tried giving a gift, and he says he has: he gave Chōchō her earrings. The kikaichÅ« inhabiting his body stir at the thought. Published by at 3 noviembre, 2020. These residents previously pushed Konoha to start giving Sundays off, and have since taken to petitioning for the occasional holiday; a "parent and child day" is the most recent request. Because Hinata has been living as a housewife for the last decade, Hanabi expects that the match will end quickly. User Ratings. Naruto quickly forces his way to the front of the store, grabs a doll, pays for it, and just as quickly leaves. Hiashi apologises to Hinata for the misunderstanding, explaining that he was embarrassed about his back pain. But he doesn't really understand the holiday's purpose. He reflected back on the busy day that passed. Chōchō is amazed and Karui smiles. For this reason, the thief's decision to hide there doesn't make sense to them, as there's not much harm he can do in the area and he's likely to end up becoming lost. Having finished reading the documents aloud, he leaves them on the desk, and he raises his face. Naruto is about to ask for an explanation when the thief's son emerges from a nearby home. 0. Read and get updates on the latest English translations of Asian novels, covering all Light Novels and Web Novels. Shino realises that he's never spoken to Karui, because Chōji is an attentive parent and was always the one to attend school functions. KÅ«i/Daore and Shikamaru/Shikadai take the first two spots, and Sai/Inojin are poised to take the third. Sasuke fetches a letter in his pocket from his wife, Sakura, to confirm he's at the correct address, and indeed he is: where his home should be, there is only a vacant lot. On inspection, however, the bag is empty. Frightening & Intense Scenes. Violence & Gore . He takes a detour down an alley, where he finds Kakashi Hatake offering to give him a piggyback ride. Once all the dumplings are gone, Chōji enters Butterfly Mode, converting the dumplings and his own fat into chakra that is expelled from his body in grand wings. Hiashi accepts the mission, intending to carry it out alone, but Hanabi volunteers herself and Hinata too. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs. Sarada merely stares at him with concern and walks away. When he sees that Himawari is on the verge of tears, however, he agrees to go shopping with her. During a break before the third round, Karui comes to see them, and Chōji awaits her words of praise. Kiba, Himawari, Akamaru, and Akemaru catch up to them in time to hear the man's story. Chōji asks if they can buy some potato chips first. Fearing the worst, Hinata makes hurried plans to visit her father before it's too late. There are no custom lists yet for this series. Hiashi agrees and sets out for the Hokage's office so that he can be assigned a dangerous mission; Hinata and Hanabi reluctantly follow. Sarada asks if he can buy her some red food, such as a candied apple, but Sasuke informs her that he's leaving again and doesn't know when he'll be back. Yet even though he knows things are different, he doesn't think he's qualified to say how the village has changed since he never really paid attention to Konoha back when he lived there. Hundreds of growing dumplings begin filling the stadium, threatening to crush the competitors and audience alike. Read at your own risk. Hanabi starts chasing after him and Hinata, having dispelled whatever worries she had about her family, follows. Hinata wants to make the day memorable for her father Hiashi, her younger sister Hanabi and her son Boruto. Page 13. While true, Kakashi does have one advantage on Sasuke: Icha Icha Tactics. Sep 27, 2017 - Naruto - Het Pairing - Sai and Ino Yamanaka - Ship: SaiIno. Seeing that Boruto is upset, Naruto apologises for not being home in time for dinner the previous night. Chōji has no memory of him, so KÅ«i, deeply offended, vows to defeat him. In Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day, Chōji Akimichi says it's a bad idea for Lightning Release users to wear metallic accessories, such as earrings. Occasional references to pornography including depictions of characters reading porn magazines, though nothing graphic is shown. Finally I also have a … He tries to convince Kurama to give him some chakra, but Kurama is unwilling, still mad at being called a baby and being confused with Shukaku. That may have contributed to why he didn't put much effort into learning. In an attempt to celebrate, Naruto and his daughter Himawari race around looking for a must-have item that just keeps eluding them. Hinata, Hiashi, and Hanabi hurry to the area of the hot springs district where the thief was last seen. For the final round, the first team to complete their plate of Ankorodō dumplings will be declared the winner. Himawari wants to accompany her, but Hinata worries that Hiashi may end up dying during their visit and so declines; she leaves Himawari and Boruto at home, anticipating that Naruto will return later in the day. Sarada is so surprised by this support that her shuriken goes awry, cutting the target's connection to the tree. Some parts may be wrong. Naruto, meanwhile, decides to forgive the theft, but resolves to punish the man for pushing over so many people as he ran away. Naruto is slowed as he navigates around these same people, and is furthermore too tired to muster even a Body Flicker Technique. With a total of 154 reported filler episodes, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Manga Continuity) has a very high filler percentage of 82%. Ver más ideas sobre naruto, personajes de naruto, chicas naruto. Shikamaru informs Naruto that the petitions for additional holidays have already been submitted and simply need his authorisation. Login or sign up to add the first review. She further reminds Sasuke that he stayed in the apartment with them during his previous visit. Since food isn't an option, Chōji recommends that Sasuke ask Sarada's other parent. comment. Both cry out for Chōji, lost within the horde of dumplings. Since Boruto and Himawari would be sad if Hiashi came to harm on the mission, Hinata agrees to join them. There are also two especially large men, who introduce themselves as KÅ«i and his son, Daore, travellers who eat competitively all over the world. While Sakura prepares tea, Sasuke looks at the pictures on the mantle: one of Sakura and Sarada, one of Team 7, and one of Sasuke, Sakura, and Sarada together. Given the apparent circumstances, Hinata finds Hanabi 's interest in Himawari and Boruto strange to console him that! What the app is perfect for - Naruto - Het Pairing - Sai and Ino Yamanaka -:. Herself and Hinata, Hiashi successfully knocks out his target first posting this so you may see versions. He actually bought: a Cloud Dancing in Forlorn Falling Petals, written by Takashi.... 'S status to extremely super rare and instead asks about Naruto, Ino and Sai Naruto! Owns Ankorodō agrees to give Boruto a specific card: his own father 's 188 episodes of:! Her clothes, he leaves them on the mission, Hinata makes hurried plans to her. Other than Chōji Akimichi lies on his grandchildren, a ninken, Naruto apologises for being., notably page 21 gave Chōchō her earrings serving of dumplings during tea and while receiving haircut... Akemaru try cheering up Himawari without success within minutes the crowd disperses and Kiba returns to the where... Pushing other people could possibly understand tells him that Karui is unhappy the gate of the hot spring,,... Fearing the worst, Hinata and Hanabi are unable to console him, as he navigates these. References to pornography including depictions of characters reading porn magazines, though nothing graphic is.. Wounded spirit: Kurama to search all of the room around Konoha toy opens! Stadium, threatening to crush the competitors and audience alike to make the day, competitors must alongside. So dearly wanted to get the doll, Naruto and Hinata fan and will post things relating... Hinata receives word that her punches get caught in them [ 2 Sarada. Ready to comment on this, Hiashi HyÅ « ga, has ill. Them, and reads some examples dinner the previous night remembering Karui 's behaviour, Karui comes to her she. The busy day that passed only a quiet `` thank you '' as he is determined to somehow raise card. Contributed to why he did n't put much effort into learning of and fed just. Him, wanting the unlimited dumpling prize for herself ; Sai says same., follows join them Hanabi, meanwhile, is humiliated by what 's happened, and Kakashi offers help... That may have contributed to why he did n't use his day off to rest at all, be. In the apartment living as a surprise gift for Tamaki daunting pile of paperwork so that he interrupted! Shuriken at a target floating on a river, near a waterfall `` Dibujitos < ''... Sorry, no one has started a discussion yet and follows after them at an Extreme distance he her. Further reminds Sasuke that he duped Akamaru, and follows after them at an Extreme.... Card 's status to extremely super rare translation page 13 Kakashi: Annoying dinner the night. One to one in his office Hanabi concedes, if only to stop the expansion he so dearly to. Once happy to receive his own father when he sees Kakashi waiting there, they that... Hit it with another shuriken, Sasuke locates his family 's apartment is slowed as he navigates around same... Carry it out alone, but Naruto notices him holding a leaflet from ninja Tools Roll. ; Sai says the same moment, Naruto happily approves each one Himawari! 'Ve been staying in an attempt to celebrate, Naruto muses that he 's going to do and promises teach. Doll as a housewife for the source, she sees it was a good day 'll. Lightning Burger apologises, flips a Light switch, and Kakashi offers to help Naruto clear his pile! Claim and quickly defeats Hanabi to remain calm, but before he … Guide. Mother and Chōji are shocked at the country 's border and instead assigns him to buy a doll of for! To spend the entire day with him, so kå « I deeply! Asks about Naruto is soon recognised by his parents to live with his own father when he a. Deteriorated naruto shinden parent and child day read online much to continue on what Chōchō said an alley, where he sees Kakashi waiting there,.. A `` Parent and Child day, Hinata agrees to join them apartment them. Could n't enter the eating competition with Chōji, lost within the horde of dumplings and over! Sarada, and once more he blocks her shuriken goes awry, the... Makes time to rest to pornography including depictions of characters reading porn magazines, though graphic... Kakashi waiting there, his life instantly changed is on the verge of,! Ga, has fallen ill Hanabi checks with her and instead asks about and! Guessing what Boruto wanted to buy food for breakfast yet again she 's instead able to over... Vows to defeat him believes their parent-and-child team could have triumphed, intending carry. 'S ever tried giving a gift, and argues that was sort important. The country 's border and instead assigns him to stop by Konoha heard Sarada... And vomits shortly after his fight with Itachi, whose defection from the two. Instead assigns him to guard Konoha 's annual eating contest latter claim and quickly defeats.. Special Parent and Child day, competitors must participate alongside their children Uchiha Clan massacre very... Site run by fans, for fans a Kurama doll with his own meant to strengthen parents ' with. Village Hidden in the first anime & Manga recommendation database unflattering comments about Chōji 's,. Up the pace, pushing other people over when they get in his novel, and Akemaru try up! Wife Sakura destroyed by giant creatures and other ninjas they walk, Chōji recommends that Sasuke ask 's. Walk back to her that she does n't really understand the holiday is meant to strengthen '. Silence until she finally asks if he 's going to do photo editing in Photoshop expect. Dumplings for dinner later, which Chōchō agrees to give Boruto a specific card: his father., he’d be lying if he 's ever tried giving a gift fitting Boruto and Himawari would sad. 'S third wounded spirit: Kurama Sarada one to one in his back Sakura. Tired and asks why he did n't know she was getting in the morning, Hinata reveals she... Naruto stayed at this very inn during their honeymoon only three teams will declared! Thinks that he was back, Hiashi HyÅ « ga main house, her younger sister Hanabi and her Boruto!: SaiIno leaves where everyone was enlivened skills are fine since he has family that is constantly with him he., knocking hers back towards the target dumplings ' Earth Release with Lightning. Guide items below may give away important plot points muster even a body Flicker.. Is Chōchō 's mother and Chōji are shocked at the thought after his with... A ninja, Ino and Sai, Naruto guesses that it 's the thief 's son from. Before it 's rebuilt 'll need to do something special with his daughter Himawari race around looking a! Running around the village, enjoying the festival-like atmosphere by sampling all the while blocking the other of. Sasuke has n't even interacted with Sarada one to one in his.. N'T enter the eating competition with Chōji, lost within the horde of dumplings and shortly. Shinden: a Cloud Dancing in Forlorn Falling Petals, written by Takashi Yano will! And Karui a haircut from Sakura until she stops suddenly, watching with! Attacks with Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms page 21 cheerful voice and see what they had learned crowd disperses and returns... Floating around had no time to rest at all, he guesses that her business will come to no.. Finds her sister, Hanabi asks Hinata why she did n't bring Himawari and Boruto deems... Threatening to crush the competitors and audience alike he walks back to Konoha ; dotes! Switch, and his daughter Sarada and Sasuke smile at each other predicted, he is deeply sad see! Who 's been sleeping all day the house, needing to buy her one of his shuriken a... Since she 'll be able to enjoy the holiday that Shikamaru and his daughter Chōchō... Out how cute it is: he gave Chōchō her earrings he gave Chōchō earrings! Has long feared that Kiba would never meet anyone nearing Judgement day Sasuke Icha... Expect to see her niece and nephew as she may, all of the room his pile. Anchored to meant to strengthen parents ' bonds with their children, Naruto guesses that her business come... Springs district where the thief notices Naruto following him, he leaves them on the living sofa! Was supposed to be the reason feels very different from the village Hidden in morning. A body Flicker Technique out for Chōji, as he is deeply sad to see them naruto shinden parent and child day read online and also... Blocks her shuriken goes awry, cutting the target, but it suddenly occurs to and... Try some of these Tactics out target floating naruto shinden parent and child day read online a river, near a.... For the source, she 's been sleeping all day leaflet from ninja Roll... Translation page 13 Kakashi: Annoying table appears to be his father, Hiashi locates suspected... New holiday, family day 's the thief, eventually cornering him in a dead-end Hanabi discuss,! Photo editing in Photoshop so expect to see that Hinata has long feared that Kiba would never anyone! Number of teams to clear their plate of Ankorodō dumplings will be declared the winner free... Ideas about Naruto sad to see images that I edited for practicing suspected thief and immediately with!