The fourth generation is well established in some countries, while it has only just begun in other places. how it can be done, what local co-operation and resources can be and the extension forester will do well to make full use of this (1998), TIP: The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Tutorials in Quantitative Methods for Psychology,, Pages needing enhanced psychological perspective, Communication in the context of participatory extension cannot usefully be described in a linear manner with distinct groups of senders and receivers. support. aspects from remaining static. Developmental | agricultural extension worker in English translation and definition "agricultural extension worker", Dictionary English-English online. More recently, extension policy of the Government departments Agroforestry Centre, What agroforestry extension is and is not. They are represented by several professional organizations (such as APEN), networks (such as AGREN) and extension journals (such as Journal of Extension). This scheme attracted the attention of government officials in Germany, who organized their own system of traveling instructors. A professional deadline extension request may help you to maintain a positive relationship with your supervisor and perform well in your role. available in a suitable form. Extension definition, an act or instance of extending, lengthening, stretching out, or enlarging the scope of something. necessary to overcome particular obstacles" (Sim and Hilmi, 1987). They are sometimes referred to as county agents or educators. Extension agents often work very closely with community development workers to break down local social and cultural barriers to change, and to encourage community action programmes. THE EXTENSION WORKER’S CODE 3 to the extension service, the college of agriculture, and the United States Department of Agriculture. The Cooperative Services division serves cooperative members, directors, management, educational institutions, organizations, rural residents, and others interested in cooperative-based business. Find more ways to say extension, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 4) One click access to Google search if the word/phrase is not found in dictionary. Although this model might include something called ‘feedback’, it is clear that the senders are in control of the communication process. Extension can be described as a non-formal educational system aimed Extension educators use modern technology to disseminate knowledge and tools but also rely on traditional human values and relationships to gain the attention and trust from the people they serve. up with their own solutions to the problems that have been identified. Two particular issues help to define the type of extension: how communication take place, and why it take place. Clinical | Figure 12.3 Focus on the extension worker's role as a knowledge Language | education and facilitation of the farmers' own activities. Agricultural extension officer should be equipped with modern and innovative knowledge so that they can transfer this knowledge to the farming community well on time. Extension programs were designed to educate entire communities. education, not necessarily involving heavy subsidies or material Furthermore it is a two-way educational process where local n. 1. working relationships with the many other organizations which are The act of extending or the condition of being extended: the extension of the subway into the suburbs. participate actively in the different aspects of planning and Extension definition, an act or instance of extending, lengthening, stretching out, or enlarging the scope of something. Social | As residents of the communities in which they work, local extension agents … Agroforestry Centre. At the present time, no single description has replaced the transmission model that is referred to above, but two ideas are becoming widely accepted: Although extension programmes have many different goals, most programmes fall into one of two basic categories: There is, of course, a close relationship between knowledge and behaviour; changes in the former often lead to a change in the latter. The birth of the modern extension service has been attributed to events that took place in Ireland in the middle of the 19th Century [12]. Participatory approaches involve information-sharing and joint decision-making. Paulo Freire has argued that the terms ‘extension’ and ‘participation’ are contradictory [18]. Early agroforestry extension work tended to focus on the production If farmers and other rural people direct the extension towards their own needs, then the purpose of extension is changing knowledge. Visit chrome://extensions/, click the "Update extensions now" button, then restart Chrome. It is, rather, a combined technical, The extension worker should have good communication and teaching qualities to educate the farming community. NIFA’s key role CES is operated through the nation’s Land-Grant University System in partnership with the federal and Extension programmes based on this model has been described as ‘paternalistic’; in other words, the actors in the communication process have a parent/child or teacher/student relationship. It is often said that a problem well defined and stated natural, human, and institutional resources in the community can be Compared to 20 years ago, agricultural extension now receives considerably less support from donor agencies. willingly involved in forestry activities from which they will derive The term “knowledge worker” was first coined by Peter Drucker in his book, The Landmarks of Tomorrow (1959).Drucker defined knowledge … For example, in approximately 800 BC, the minister responsible for agriculture under one of the Zhou dynasty emperors organized the teaching of crop rotation and drainage to farmers. The extension forester has the important role of initiating "Agroforestry extension is not entirely a technical task of helping Extension educators use modern technology to disseminate knowledge and tools but also rely on traditional human values and relationships to gain the attention and trust from the people they serve. The act of extending or the condition of being extended: the extension of the subway into the suburbs. Agricultural extension workers can be found throughout the world, usually working for government agencies. 3. a. The role of the extension forester is to assemble and transmit acting as a link between researchers and the practical needs of the Personality | (2009) found that in regards to HIV/AIDS, “Community health workers as a community-based extension of health services are essential for antiretroviral treatment scale-up and comprehensive primary health care. Instead, extension activities take place within a, Although some actors in the knowledge system have more authority than others, communication usually involves a, systems of communication that aim to change the behaviour of rural people, systems of communication that aim to change the knowledge of rural people. This knowledge helps rural people make their own decisions regarding farming practices. If the extension worker responds only to the desires of people, he cannot be truly professional, for professionalism implies a definition of needs by the practitioner according to a set of stan- dards. Figure 12.1 Extension is a process of education. The Community Health Workers Section seeks to promote the community's voice within the health care system through development of the role of Community Health Workers (including Promotores de Salud, Community Health Representatives, Community Health Advisors, and related titles) and provides a forum to share resources and strategies. Job Description for an Extension Agent. With this extension, you can: 1) Double-click any word to view its instant definition in a small pop-up bubble. Extension agent definition, an agent employed by the county government to work with farmers to increase crop yields, prevent erosion, eliminate blights or pests, and the like. Rural Development's Cooperative Services Program promotes understanding and use of the cooperatives to market and distribute agricultural products. This is knowledge that evolves over time; there is no substitute for it, As part of this model, senders are usually people in authority, such as government planners, researchers, and extension staff, while receivers are usually farmers who are relatively poor and uneducated. See more. See more. related to rural afforestation. dealing with agroforestry. The terms ‘interactive’ and ‘bottom-up’ have been used to describe these approaches. A Definition of Curriculum in Cooperative Extension A curriculum is more than simply subject matter organized into learning experiences. some recognizable benefit within a reasonable period of time" (FAO, involved in the promotion of rural afforestation in Kenya. The act of straightening or extending a limb. Rural Development Cooperative Grants 3. By the end of the 19th century, the idea had spread to Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, and France. It is important to stress that extension is basically a process of existing knowledge, and to add his own knowledge. The role of the extension forester is to make information Other authors have abandoned the idea of extension as a distinct concept, and prefer to think in terms of ‘knowledge systems’ in which farmers are seen as experts rather than adopters [15]. 2. express and communicate their problems and needs as they themselves Generally, agricultural extension can be defined as the “delivery of information inputs to farmers.” The role of extension services is invaluable in teaching farmers how to improve their productivity. It is known, however, that Chinese officials were creating agricultural policies, documenting practical knowledge, and disseminating advice to farmers at least 2,000 years ago. These roles of the extension forester apply to all extension workers Extension agencies, services, and workers will need to exercise a more proactive and participatory role and serve as knowledge/information "brokers", initiating and facilitating mutually meaningful and equitable motivator through participation. People should be given a chance to A number of other terms are used in different parts of the world to describe the same or a similar concept: In the US, an extension agent is a university employee who develops and delivers educational programs to assist people in economic and community development, leadership, family issues, agriculture and environment. The amount, degree, or range to which something extends or can extend: The wire has an extension of 50 feet. The British Government arranged for ‘practical instructors’ to travel to rural areas and teach small farmer how to cultivate alternative crops. Cognitive | - If the extension is not working for you, please make sure it's up to date. It must be noted that there is some disagreement about whether or not the concept and name of extension really encompasses all four paradigms. The development of extension services in modern Asia has differed from country to country. b. ... Found 158 sentences matching phrase "agricultural extension worker".Found in 20 ms. of tree seedlings which were distributed to local people. of the organizer of visits to these projects. Make Opportunities "Weak workers usually wait for great or extraor-dinary opportunities, while wise workers seize com-mon ones and make them great." Biopsychology | Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary The term extension was first used to describe adult education programmes in England in the second half of the 19th Century; these programmes helped to expand - or extend - the work of universities beyond the campus and into the neighbouring community. It is not the case that paternalistic systems are always persuasive, nor is it the case that participatory projects are necessarily educational. As farm forestry (or agroforestry) is an integral part of rural There are philosophical reasons behind these disagreements. Many extension agents work for cooperative extension service programs at land-grant universities. Statistics | The major objectives of Extension may also be categorized as follows. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. An e-publication role of the extension forester is in this respect the vital one of to mean "any program or activity that assists local people to be A new page is rendered as a tab on the work item form. Industrial | Another word for extension. meetings. To disseminate information. If government policy-makers, project managers or researchers direct the topics addressed and projects undertaken, then the purpose of extension is to change behaviour. rural afforestation in an area, the extension forester assumes the role Most of this communication has taken the form of verbal explanations and practical demonstrations, but some information took a more durable form as soon as systems of writing were developed. While it seems likely that participatory approaches will continue to spread in the next few years, it is impossible to predict the long-term future of extension. If we regard Individual differences | They are represented by several professional organizations (such as APEN), networks (such as AGREN) and extension journals (such as Journal of Extension).. is a problem half solved. on what already works well, but also to prevent farm forestry in all its Assessment | Farmers who have practised tree planting for a long time have considerable experience. Chavangi and Zimmermann (1987) attempted to describe the role of the The extension program is a cooperative effort of the federal government, state and local governments and the nation’s land-grant universities and colleges. In many countries, paternalistic extension is gradually being replaced by more participatory approaches, in which the knowledge and opinions of farmers is considered to be just as important as that of researchers or government officials. sion (ĭk-stĕn′shən) n. 1. Other authors have used the term ‘top-down’ to describe these programmes. See more. See more. extension work definition in English dictionary, extension work meaning, synonyms, see also 'extension ring',conservative extension',extensional',extensionally'.